Analytical Research

Analytical Research

Analytical chemistry is focused on the deployment and optimization of new methods and instrumentation in chemical analysis. The broad applications of analytical chemistry include forensics, medicine, environment, science, and engineering. The main areas of focus in analytical chemistry research at CSULB are:

  • design and application of porous crystalline materials for environmental and energy applications (Tian)
  • development of novel bioanalytical methodologies in drug delivery systems based on collagen and collagen peptides (Slowinska)
  • study of free radical reactions in environmental remediation of contaminated water systems and nuclear waste (Mezyk)
  • study of the mechanism of electron transfer through single molecules and molecular nanostructures (Slowinski)

Stephen Mezyk

Dr. Stephen Mezyk

Professor (2001)
Physical, Environmental, and Biophysical Chemistry

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Kasha Slowinska

Dr. Kasha Slowinska

Professor (2004)
Vice Chair
Analytical, Bioanalytical, and Bioengineering

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Krzysztof Slowinski

Dr. Krzysztof Slowinski

Professor (2001)
Associate Dean for Academic Programs, Evaluation, and Advising

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Hadi Tavassol

Dr. Hadi Tavassol

Assistant Professor (2016)
Materials Chemistry and Catalysis

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Fangyuan Tian

Dr. Fangyuan Tian

Associate Professor (2015)
Materials Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis

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