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Lindgren Math Tutoring Center

Lindgren Math Tutoring Center offers free tutoring in mathematics (MATH), statistics (STAT), and math education (MTED) courses to CSULB students during Fall and Spring semesters.

The center is closed during Summer sessions and Winter sessions. Services are for CSULB students only. We do not offer referrals for private tutoring.

Math Tutoring Schedule

Location: LA5-345

  • Monday-Thursday: 9:00am-5:00pm
  • Friday: 10:00am-12:00noon


We offer tutoring for the following MATH and STAT courses:

  • MATH 111
  • MATH 113
  • MATH 119A
  • MATH 119B
  • MATH 122
  • MATH 123
  • MATH 224
  • MATH 233
  • MATH 247
  • MATH 361A
  • MATH 361B
  • MATH 364A
  • MATH 364B
  • MATH 370A
  • MATH 380
  • MATH 444
  • STAT 118
  • STAT 381

Please note that tutoring for MATH 103, 104, 109, 112A, 115, and STAT 108 is available in the Learning Assistant Center.

Math Education Tutoring Schedule

Location: LA5-249

  • Monday-Thursday: 9:00am-4:00pm


We offer tutoring for the following MTED courses:

  • MTED 110
  • MTED 205
  • MTED 211
  • MTED 301
  • MTED 312
  • MTED 315
  • MTED 320
  • MTED 325
  • MTED 402

About the Center

Lindgren Math Tutoring Center is funded by a generous endowment from Kenneth Lindgren, a former mathematics instructor here at CSULB. The annual distribution of this endowment supports a math faculty member with release time to serve as the center's director. Part of this endowment also funds the Lindgren Teaching Assistant Scholarship in the department every year.

Kenneth E. Lindgren


  • Men's Water Polo Coach, CSU Long Beach, 1975-1998
  • Aquatics Director, CSU Long Beach, 1985-1998
  • Math Instructor, CSU Long Beach, 1985-2008

Ken Lindgren was a highly regarded mathematics instructor at CSULB. Ken loved teaching math. He shared his passion for math with his students by making math relevant in the world today. He always encouraged students to come by for office hours so he could help students solidify their understanding of math and how this knowledge could apply to their own lives and professions. Ken realized many students were afraid of math, so he worked hard to challenge himself to add humor, real life stories and relevance to his classes. Students loved Ken and he had a mutual fondness for them.

Ken also served as head coach of Long Beach State Men's Water Polo Team for 24 years, producing 32 All Americans and 8 Olympians. He also coached two Olympic teams: one Men's and one Woman's earning a silver medal with each team.

Ken Lindgren will always be remembered as a dedicated educator, mentor, coach, alumnus and friend.