Graduate Degree Programs

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the California State University, Long Beach is dedicated to maintaining a reputation as an outstanding department on the basis of a rigorous curriculum, the quality of our research, and the caliber of our graduates. The department values teaching and research as essential components of the education of our students and seeks to integrate research with teaching at every possible opportunity in the curriculum.

Many of our faculty direct active research programs providing stimulating research projects for students in chemistry, biochemistry, biology and related disciplines. Our faculty are often supported by external research grants, and publications share authorship with undergraduate and graduate students.

The department is housed in two state of the art buildings with a complete range of modern instrumental equipment that is used directly by students in pursuit of their training. Direct hands on use not only provides opportunities for answering research questions, but also provides the opportunity for advanced training with modern instrumentation.

Our graduate class is currently composed of 30 Biochemistry and 25 Chemistry M.S. candidates.

Our M.S. Degrees

We offer a strong program with a substantial emphasis on novel research and defense of a thesis. Our M.S. Chemistry and Biochemistry graduates often go on to Ph.D. and professional programs, while others pursue careers in industrial settings or teaching.

Prerequisites for the M.S. Degree in Biochemistry

A bachelor's degree with a major in (bio)chemistry or one of the biological sciences. Students with majors in other areas may be considered for admission at the discretion of the Graduate Adviser. Prerequisite courses include Organic and Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Molecular & Cellular Biology. A student deficient in these courses can still be admitted but must complete the course(s) as a graduate student.

Catalog descriptions of thi degree can be found in M.S. in Biochemistry - CSULB Catalog (23-24).

Prerequisites for the M.S. Degree in Chemistry

A bachelor's degree with a major in chemistry; or a bachelor's degree with undergraduate preparation in chemistry, physics and mathematics equivalent to that required for the bachelor's degree with a major in chemistry at this University. Typical undergraduate coursework for BA/BS degree includes: Organic, Physical, Inorganic, Analytical and Instrumental methods. A student deficient in these courses, or with a different undergraduate major, can still be admitted but must complete the course(s) as a graduate student.

Catalog description of this degree can be found in M.S. in Chemistry - CSULB Catalog (23-24).

Financial Support

GA and TA positions are available for most students in good standing. Positions include grading, leading lab and recitation sections, working in the stockroom, and running the departmental NMRs. Full time (20 hr/week) appointments provide $12k (GA) and $20k (TA) per year in support.

In addition, our Department, our College, and our University offer annual fellowships opportunities that are available on a competitive basis.

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Bridges to the Doctorate

The Bridges to the Doctorate (BTD) Training Program partners with University of California, Irvine to produce a seamless and supportive bridge to the Ph.D. for underrepresented and underserved California State University, Long Beach graduate students interested in biomedical research careers.

The program activities are designed to strengthen students' academic preparation, research training, and professional skills. M.S. students will complete a two-year Master's degree program at CSULB that culminates in the defense of a Master's research thesis.

BTD students receive a stipend and partial tuition support as well as funds for research supplies and travel to present research results at professional conferences. BTD students receive two years of support.

Review of BTD applications begins on April 1 of each year. Your best chances of acceptance are to have your application completed by April 1.

Learn more: Bridges to the Doctorate

Application Deadlines and How to Apply

Fall application submission: before June 1 (April 1 for international students)

Spring application submission: before November 1 (October 1 for international students) 

  1. Complete the online application as either a Graduate or International applicant. Please initiate requests for 3 letter writers to upload recommendation letters on your behalf to CalStateApply.
  2. Have official copies of your undergraduate transcript(s) sent to CSULB Enrollment Services. Official transcripts may be submitted electronically from a U.S. college to
  3. Taking General GRE is optional; if taken, send official test scores to CSULB (Code #4389).