Faculty Instructions

SPOT Timeline and Notifications

SPOT Opens
You will receive a system-generated email when your course opens. One email will be sent per course. Check with your department if you do not receive an email for a course you expected to be administered by SPOT. The earlier we identify an anomaly the more likely we can make adjustments. 

At this time we do not administer SPOT during the Summer and Winter semesters.

Response Rate Notification
One week before the end of the SPOT administration window you will receive a system-generated email informing you of your response rate.

SPOT Closes
Student access to SPOT ends on 11:59 pm on the last day of classes. SPOT is NOT administered during finals and cannot be reopened once it closes. Faculty will NOT receive an email when the surveys close.

Improving the SPOT Response Rate

In their research, Young et al. (2018) found that faculty were an essential factor in obtaining higher response rates in online evaluations.

To increase response rates:

  • continue to offer time in class to complete the evaluation.
  • emphasize the importance of student feedback.

While it is important to increase response rates to have a reflective view of the entire student body, research has shown that there is not a significant difference in mean scores between administering online rather than paper (Dommeyer, et al), (Edgar & Tobias).

Summary Reports

After final grades have been submitted for the semester, departments will send SPOT summary reports (including student comments) to their faculty. Summary reports will be shared via the faculty CSULB email or a secure department portal.