CSU Fully Online for Non-CSULB Students

CSU Fully Online (also known as CSU Course Match) provides an opportunity for eligible matriculated students to enroll in one course per term offered by another CSU campus. The program is aimed to facilitate access to high demand, high success courses as part of the continuing effort to provide students with access to the courses needed to expedite graduation.

This Online program offers courses from each of the 23 system campuses in a variety of disciplines to accommodate the needs of current CSU students

  • Eligible students must have completed one term and 12 units from their home CSU Campus and are in good academic standing with a  cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.
  • Students must be enrolled at their home campus during the period of concurrent enrollment and have paid tuition fees as a full time-student.
  • Students may enroll in one online course per term. The online CSU Fully Online Course Offerings provides information regarding general education requirements satisfied by available online courses.
  • Evidence of completion of course prerequisites may be required at the host campus (i.e.,transcripts or grade reports).
  • Financial aid eligibility is through home campus.
  • Before enrolling in an online course at another CSU, you should consult with your academic advisor to determine how the course may apply to your degree requirements.

To begin, visit the CSU Fully Online website and browse the schedule of courses offered during the semester.


  • Browse the Schedule of Online Courses at the CSU Fully Online website for courses offered during the semester.
  • Consult with your academic advisor to determine how a course may apply to your degree requirements.
  • Pay full-time tuition and related fees at home campus (non-resident students must pay the non-resident per unit tuition to CSULB) based upon the total number of units for which she/he is or plans to be registered.
  • Once a course is determined to meet a requirement and fees have been paid, log into the Student Center via your Home Campus Self-Service portal and click on the Enroll in CourseMatch link to begin your CourseMatch registration.
  • Your request will remain in Pending status until the CSULB processes your enrollment.
  • Final confirmation of enrollment will be sent to you from CSULB, along with information regarding logging into CSULB’s Self-Service portal (MyCSULB).
  • Permanent academic records will be maintained at CSULB.  A record of credit earned will be sent to your home campus upon completion of the course.

If you want to drop/withdraw from your CSU Fully Online class, you will do so through CSULB’s Self-Service portal MyCSULB.