Upper Division D Courses

Upper-Division D Courses (300-400) - Social Sciences and Citizenship (Category D) - GE Approved Courses

The following courses are approved to meet the General Education requirements indicated.

Please note the following in reviewing these approved course lists:

  • Major courses and campus-wide required courses that are approved for GE credit shall also fulfill (double count) for GE requirements for students entering in Fall 2018.
  • Refer to the online schedule of classes to see which courses are being offered for a specific term and to double check which GE requirements the course satisfies during that term.
  • Be aware that the GE Category (A-E) requirements must each be satisfied by a unique course. The "Other GE Categories" column below may indicate additional categories a course is certified in but does not mean that the course will meet more than one category requirement for an individual student.
  • Additional General Education Requirements should be met by courses also meeting the GE Category requirements to minimize the number of units needed.
  • Comments are added to the course lists below to highlight changes in the approved active GE course lists.
    See Previous Courses to research courses that previously met GE requirements.
  • Students should regularly run their Academic Requirements Report on MyCSULB to monitor their completion of all degree requirements including General Education.


Timeline Title GE Designations Other GE Categories Cross-Listed Courses
Upper-Division D Courses (300-400)
A/ST 306   Traditional Asia Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Global Issues C3  
A/ST 307   Modern Asia Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Global Issues    
A/ST 495 Inactive as of Spring 2018 China Heritage Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Global Issues C3  
AFRS 319   Ethnic Experience In US Explorations, Human Diversity F-ES CHLS 319: AIS 319; ASAM 319; WGSS 319
AFRS 332   Civil Rights And The Law Explorations    
AFRS 337 Inactive as of Spring 2016 Cultures Of African Peoples Explorations    
AFRS 354   African American Women and the Civil Rights Movement Explorations    
AFRS 400   African American Social Thought Capstone/Interdisciplinary C2b  
AFRS 420   African American Children in Public Schools Explorations    
AFRS 454   Africana Womanism: An Intellectual History Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Global Issues C2b  
AIS 319   Ethnic Experience In US Explorations, Human Diversity F-ES CHLS 319; AFRS 319; WGSS 319; ASAM 319
AMST 351   Celebrity In American Culture Explorations    
AMST 421   Animals In American Culture Capstone/Interdisciplinary    
ANTH 305   Radical Social Analysis Capstone/Interdisciplinary    
ANTH 307   Modernization In Global Perspective Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Global Issues    
ANTH 311   Human Adventure Capstone/Interdisciplinary    
ANTH 313   World Prehistory Explorations    
ANTH 314   Global Ethnography Explorations, Global Issues    
ANTH 329   Cultural Diversity In California Capstone/Writing Intensive, Human Diversity    
ANTH 412   Culture And Communication Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Global Issues    
ART 375   Art & Social Action: A Global Perspective Capstone/Service Learning, Global Issues    
ASAM 319   Ethnic Experience In US Explorations, Human Diversity F-ES CHLS 319: AIS 319; AFRS 319; WGSS 319
ASAM 335   Asian And Latin Immigrant Since WWII Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Human Diversity   CHLS 335
ASAM 340   Asian American Family Explorations E  
ASAM 350   Environmental Justice Explorations, Human Diversity Upper Division B GEOG 350
ASAM 370   Gender And Sexuality In Asian America Explorations    
BLAW 309   Consumer In Legal & Economic Environments Capstone/Interdisciplinary E CAFF 309
C E 325   Transportation Safety And Sustainability Explorations    
C E 406 Effective Spring 2021 Project Cost-Benefit Analysis Interdisciplinary    
C E 406H Effective Spring 2021 Project Cost-Benefit Analysis Interdisciplinary    
CAFF 307   Crimes Against Consumers Capstone/Interdisciplinary E CRJU 307
CAFF 309   Consumer In Legal & Economic Environments Capstone/Interdisciplinary E BLAW 309
CAFF 321   Family & Consumer Resource Mgmt Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Human Diversity E  
CAFF 388 Effective Fall 2019 Consumers vs. Technology: Who’s Winning? Interdisciplinary    
CAFF 423 Effective Fall 2021 Consumer Health     H SC 423
CBA 400   Business Ethics Capstone/Interdisciplinary   PHIL 400
CDFS 310 Effective Spring 2022 Diversity in Child Development Social Sciences & Citizenship    
CDFS 312   Family And Personal Development Capstone/Interdisciplinary E  
CDFS 319   Family Stress & Coping Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Capstone/Writing Intensive, Human Diversity E  
CECS 427 Effective Fall 2022 Dynamic Networks Upper Division D    
CHLS 300   Chicano History Explorations   HIST 370
CHLS 319   Ethnic Experience In US Explorations, Human Diversity F-ES AFRS 319; AIS 319 ASAM 319; WGSS 319
CHLS 335   Asian & Latino Immigrant Since Wwii Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Human Diversity   ASAM 335
CHLS 350   Latino Population In The U.S. Explorations,Human Diversity   SOC 340
CHLS 390   The U.S.-Mexico Borderlands: Historic And Literary Images Capstone/Interdisciplinary    
CHLS 400   Chicano/Latino Politics In The Us Explorations    
CHLS 450   1492 And Beyond Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Global Issues C2a RGR 450
CHLS 470   Latina/Os Health Care Capstone/Interdisciplinary   HCA 470
COMM 441   Freedom Of Communication Capstone/Interdisciplinary    
COMM 442   Campaign Persuasion Capstone/Interdisciplinary    
CRJU 307   Crimes Against Consumers Capstone/Interdisciplinary E CAFF 307
CWL 314 Effective Fall 2023 The World Before 1492: Race, Gender, and Identity in the "Middle Ages" Capstone/Interdisciplinary C3, D3 ENGL 314
CWL 315   Literature And Medicine Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Human Diversity C2a  
CWL 414 Inactive as of Fall 2023 Medieval World Capstone/Interdisciplinary C3  
DANC 373   Nonverbal Communication Interact Mind Body Capstone/Interdisciplinary C1, E  
DANC 442 Effective Spring 2019 Dance and Social Identity in the U.S. Human Diversity, Integrative Learning, Writing Intensive Upper Division C  
DESN 367   History and Theory of Architecture Explorations C2b  
DESN 368   History And Theory Of Design Explorations,Global Issues C1  
DESN 369   History Of Furniture And Decorative Arts Explorations,Global Issues C1  
ECON 300   Fundamental Of Economics Explorations    
ECON 301   Economics Of Public Issues Capstone/Advanced Skills, Capstone/Writing Intensive    
ECON 306   Envrn. Issues Of World Economy Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Global Issues    
ECON 366   Intro To Development Economics Global Issues;Capstone/Advanced Skills    
ECON 372   International Economics Global Issues    
EMER 301 Effective Spring 2022 Emergency Management and Planning Social Sciences & Citizenship    
ENGL 314 Effective Fall 2023 The World Before 1492: Race, Gender, and Identity in the "Middle Ages" Capstone/Interdisciplinary C3, D3 CWL 314
ENGR 302   Energy & Environment Global Perspective Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Global Issues B1bNL  
FEA 316   Mass Media And Popular Culture Explorations    
FEA 346   The European Cinema Of Communism, Fascism, And Resistance Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Global Issues C2a HIST 346, RGR 346
FMD 450   Cultural Perspectives Of Dress Explorations,Global Issues    
GEOG 301   The Urban Scene Capstone/Interdisciplinary    
GEOG 304 Effective Spring 2021 California Human Diversity, Interdisciplinary    
GEOG 306   United States & Canada Explorations    
GEOG 308   Africa South Of Sahara Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Global Issues    
GEOG 309   Middle East & North Africa Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Capstone/Writing Intensive, Global Issues D3  
GEOG 313   Southeast Asia Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Capstone/Writing Intensive, Global Issues    
GEOG 314   South Asia Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Capstone/Writing Intensive, Global Issues    
GEOG 315   East Asia Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Global Issues    
GEOG 316   Europe Explorations, Capstone/Writing Intensive, Global Issues D3  
GEOG 318 Effective Fall 2021 Russia and Its Neighbors Global Issues, Interdisciplinary    
GEOG 319   International Development Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Global Issues   I/ST 319
GEOG 321   Geography Of Latin America Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Capstone Writing Intensive, Global Issues    
GEOG 350 Effective Fall 2023 Environmental Justice Human Diversity Upper Division B ASAM 350
GEOG 355   International Environmental Issues Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Capstone/Writing Intensive, Global Issues   I/ST 355
GEOG 357   Sacred Geographies Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Global Issues E  
GERM 380   Contemp Germany Society Cultr Capstone/Interdisciplinary C2a  
GERN 400 Effective Fall 2019 Perspectives on Gerontology Human Diversity, Interdisciplinary, Writing Intensive    
H SC 420   International Health Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Global Issues    
H SC 423 Effective Fall 2021 Consumer Health     CAFF 423
H SC 425 Effective Spring 2019 Human Sexuality and Sex Education Human Diversity, Interdisciplinary E  
HCA 417   Technology, Ethics & Society Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Global Issues D3  
HCA 422   Global Issues Health Services Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Global Issues    
HCA 457   Working Around The World Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Global Issues    
HCA 470   Latino/As Health Care Capstone/Interdisciplinary   CHLS 470
HDEV 300   Death & Dying Capstone/Interdisciplinary E  
HDEV 303 Effective Fall 2022 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Health Disparities Upper Division D B2  
HDEV 305 Effective Fall 2022 Life Course and Generation in the Arab World Upper Division D    
HDEV 306 Effective Fall 2022 Immigrant Youth in Long Beach Upper Division D    
HDEV 307   Approaches To Childhood Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Global Issues E  
HDEV 327 Effective Fall 2022 Approaches to Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood Upper Division D    
HDEV 357   Approach Adulthood Through Aging Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Capstone/Service Learning, Human Diversity E  
HDEV 405 Effective Spring 2022 Latin American Childhoods Social Sciences & Citizenship    
HIST 300   United States: Past and Present  Explorations    
HIST 314   Roman History Explorations    
HIST 337 Inactive as of Spring 2021 Europe-19th Century Explorations,Global Issues    
HIST 339   Europe 1890-1945 Explorations,Global Issues    
HIST 341A   Foundations Of Russia Explorations,Global Issues    
HIST 341B   Modern Russia Explorations,Global Issues    
HIST 362   Colonial Latin America Explorations    
HIST 364   Latin American Nations Explorations,Global Issues    
HIST 370   Chicano History Explorations   CHLS 300
HIST 383A   Japan To 1850 Explorations    
HIST 383B   Modern Japan Explorations    
HIST 420   Modern Israel: Histories And Peoples Capstone/Interdisciplinary    
HIST 473   California History Human Diversity, Explorations    
HM 370 Effective Fall 2019 Exploring a Sustainable Food System Interdisciplinary, Service Learning, Writing Intensive    
HM 375 Effective Spring 2022 International Hospitality Development
Social Sciences & Citizenship
I/ST 317   Problems Int'l Social Conflict Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Global Issues   SOC 317
I/ST 318   Cases Int'l Social Conflict Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Global Issues   SOC 318
I/ST 319   International Development Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Global Issues   GEOG 319
I/ST 320   Migration & Modernity Global Issues,Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Capstone/ Writing Intensive     
I/ST 355   International Environmental Issues Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Capstone/Writing Intensive, Global Issues   GEOG 355
I/ST 399   Contemporary Global Divisions Of Labor   Global Issues  
ITAL 345   Italian American Culture Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Human Diversity    
JOUR 312   Global News Media Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Global Issues    
JOUR 360 Effective Fall 2019 Culture and Politics of the Internet Interdisciplinary, Writing Intensive    
JOUR 415 Effective Fall 2019 Diversity in the Media Human Diversity, Interdisciplinary    
JOUR 418 Effective Fall 2019 Journalism: Past, Present, and Future Interdisciplinary    
KIN 338   Women In Sport Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Human Diversity E  
KIN 339   Psychology Sport Behavior And Performance Capstone/Interdisciplinary E PSY 339
LING 329   Introduction to Language Acquisition Advanced Skills E  
LING 360 Effective Fall 2022 Languages of Africa Upper Division D    
LING 363   Implications Of Human Language Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Writing Intensive    
LING 375 Effective Fall 2022 Spanish in the US Upper Division D, Capstone/Writing Intensive    
LING 472   Language and Social Justice Human Diversity, Writing Intensive    
MGMT 425   Business Strategy and Policy Integrative Learning    
NRSG 402   Community Health Nursing Human Diversity, Integrative Learning    
NRSG 481   Parenting Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Human Diversity E  
PHIL 352   Philosophy Of Law Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Capstone/Writing Intensive C2b  
PHIL 363   Ethical Theory Capstone/Writing Intensive C2b  
PHIL 400   Business Ethics Capstone/Interdisciplinary C2b CBA 400
POSC 301   Classical Political Theory Explorations    
POSC 321   The Media & American Politics Explorations    
POSC 322   Parties, Campaigns, Elections Explorations    
POSC 323   Racial & Ethnic Politics – Us Explorations,Human Diversity    
POSC 328   Public Policy Explorations    
POSC 353   Govt & Politics Western Europe Explorations,Global Issues    
POSC 371   Intro To International Politics Explorations,Global Issues    
POSC 388   Cyberspace Citizenship Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Global Issues    
POSC 391   American Government Explorations    
POSC 395   Politics Through Culture Capstone/Interdisciplinary    
POSC 412   Law And Social Change Explorations    
POSC 450   Comparative Political Movement Capstone/Service Learning, Global Issues    
POSC 461   Politics Of Development Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Global Issues    
POSC 482   American Foreign Policy Explorations,Global Issues    
POSC 494   Politics Of Future Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Global Issues    
PSY 300   Mind Control Or Freedom Capstone/Interdisciplinary    
PSY 327   Introduction To Human Factors Capstone/Interdisciplinary    
PSY 339   Psych Sport Behavior & Perform Capstone/Interdisciplinary E KIN 339
PSY 346   Evolutionary Psychology Capstone/Interdisciplinary    
PSY 350   Psy Contemporary Of Social Issues Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Human Diversity    
PSY 351   Social Psychology Explorations, Human Diversity    
PSY 356   Personality Explorations    
PSY 361   Child & Adolescent Development Explorations,Human Diversity    
PSY 370   Abnormal Psychology Explorations E  
PSY 375   Community Psychology Capstone/Service Learning, Human Diversity    
REC 340 Effective Fall 2020 Leisure in Contemporary Society Upper Division D/Interdisciplinary, Human Diversity    
R/ST 312   Dead Sea Scrolls Capstone/Interdisciplinary C2b  
R/ST 353   Religions Of Southeast Asia Capstone/Interdisciplinary C2b  
R/ST 362   Religion And Psychology Capstone/Interdisciplinary C2b  
R/ST 383   Christianity And Global Ethics Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Global Issues C2b  
R/ST 402   Religion In America Capstone/Interdisciplinary C2b  
R/ST 467 Inactive as of Spring 2021 Religion In Latin America And The Caribbean Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Global Issues C2b  
R/ST 471   Early Christianity & Society Capstone/Interdisciplinary C2b  
R/ST 472   Formation Modern Christianity Capstone/Interdisciplinary C2b  
RGR 314   Introduction To Contemporary Europe Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Global Issues    
RGR 315   Contemporary European Society Capstone/ Interdisciplinary,Global Issues    
RGR 346   The European Cinema Of Communism, Fascism, And Resistance Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Global Issues C2a FEA 346, HIST 346
RGR 360 Effective Fall 2023 Spycraft: Modern Espionage in Global Perspective Upper Division D D3  
RGR 450   1492 And Beyond Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Global Issues C2a CHLS 450
S W 350   Law, Court Decisions, And Policy Practice Explorations    
S W 351   Social Policy Formulation Analysis Explorations    
SOC 317   Problems Int'l Social Conflict Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Global Issues   I/ST 317
SOC 318   Cases Int'l Social Conflict Capstone/Interdisciplinary,Global Issues   I/ST 318
SOC 335   Social Psychology Capstone/Interdisciplinary    
SOC 340   The Latino Population In The United States Explorations,Human Diversity   CHLS 350
SOC 342   Critical Criminology Capstone/Interdisciplinary    
SOC 346   Race, Gender & Class Explorations,Human Diversity    
SOC 350 Inactive as of Spring 2020 International Population Problems Explorations,Global Issues    
SOC 358   Sociology Of Migration And Immigration Capstone/Interdisciplinary    
SOC 410 Effective Fall 2019 Environmental Sociology Interdisciplinary    
SOC 466   Aids & Society Explorations,Human Diversity E  
THEA 327 Effective Fall 2020 Theatre, Protest and Social Change Upper Division D/Interdisciplinary, Human Diversity, Writing Intensive Upper Division C  
TRST 301 Effective Fall 2022 Translation: Ethics, Theory, and Practice Upper Division D    
UHP 301   Politics & Policy In Los Angeles Capstone/Service Learning    
UHP 401   The History Of Los Angeles: The Invention Of A City Honors Human Diversity, Capstone/Interdisciplinary    
UNIV 300   Special Topics In Civic Engagement In American Society Human Diversity; Capstone/Service Learning; Capstone/ Interdisciplinary; Capstone/Writing Intensive    
UNIV 300A   The Politics Of Disaster: Hurricane Katrina And Its Aftermath Human Diversity; Capstone/Service Learning; Capstone/ Interdisciplinary; Capstone/Writing Intensive    
WGSS 307   Us Women Econ-Money Sex Power Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Human Diversity    
WGSS 318   U.S. Women Of Color Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Human Diversity C2a  
WGSS 319   The Ethnic Experience In The Us Explorations, Human Diversity   CHLS 319; AIS 319; ASAM 319; AFRS 319
WGSS 365   Popular Culture: Women, Gender & Sexuality Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Human Diversity C3  
WGSS 370   Masculinities Capstone/Writing Intensive    
WGSS 401   Global Feminisms Capstone/Interdisciplinary, Global Issues    
WGSS 424   Women & Environmental Justice Explorations, Global Issues