2018 General Education Requirements

In 2018, CSULB aligned our GE requirements with Executive Order 1100 from the CSU Chancellor’s Office. Beginning Fall 2019, CSULB will be realigning its GE Category designations with the rest of the CSU.  The below table outlines all of the designation changes as well as the changes introduced with Executive Order 1100.

ge grid f2019

LD = Lower Division (100 and 200 level courses); UD = Upper Division (300 and 400 level courses)  Students under earlier G.E. plans or who need help with the above chart should contact their College Advising Center or the University Center for Undergraduate Advising.

Students who first enrolled at CSULB in Fall 2018 or Spring 2019 must follow this pattern.

The following is an overview of the General Education requirements beginning with the Fall 2018 catalog. Click the link in the "List of Approved Courses" column to see current lists of all courses approved for that requirement. Refer to the online schedule of classes to see which specific sections of courses are being offered for a specific term. You can also run your Academic Requirements Report in MyCSULB to see your current status in completing General Education requirements.

  • The Foundation (A1, A2, A3 and B2 Courses)
  • Explorations (B1a, B1b, C1, C2a, C2b, C2c, C3, D1a, D1b, D2 and E - Lower Division Courses)
  • Upper Division Requirements (B, C, and D)

These courses will provide you with the basic essential skills of a college-educated person including written communication and oral communication in the English language, critical thinking, and mathematics/quantitative reasoning.

In these courses, you will develop and improve fundamental academic skills that are critical to success in college.

All GE Foundation Courses must be completed with a grade of ‘C’ or better within the first 30 CSULB baccalaureate units.

The Foundation
Area of Study GE Category Units Required List of Approved Courses
Written Communication in English A1 3 A1 courses
Oral Communication in English A2 3 A2 courses
Critical Thinking A3 3 A3 courses
Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning B2 3 B2 courses


These courses will provide you with opportunities to explore human knowledge in a variety of disciplines.

You will be able to select courses from all across the university, so the topics you can explore are nearly unlimited. You will also refine the skills you developed in the Foundation courses, and you will be expected to practice additional skills like ethical reasoning, solving complex problems, creativity, respect for different points of view, and understanding your part in a democratic society and global community.

Natural Sciences (B1)
Area of Study GE Category Units Required List of Approved Courses
Life Sciences* B1a 3 B1a courses
Physical Sciences* B1b 3 B1b courses

*In this category either Life or Physical Sciences must include a lab component.

Arts and Humanities (C)
Area of Study GE Category Units Required List of Approved Courses
Arts C1 3 or 6*  C1 courses
(Literature, Philosophy,
Foreign Languages or
Other Humanities)
C2/C3 3 or 6* C2a courses C2b courses C2c courses C3 courses  

*In this category students must complete 6 units in either Arts or Humanities and 3 units in the other area.

Social Science and Citizenship (D)
Area of Study GE Category Units Required List of Approved Courses
U.S. History D1a 3 D1a courses
Constitution and American Ideals D1b 3 D1b courses
Social Sciences and Citizenship D2 3 D2 Courses


Lifelong Learning and Self-Development (E)
Area of Study GE Category Units Required List of Approved Courses
Lifelong Learning and Self Development E 3 E Lower Division courses

The Upper Division Requirements represent the culmination of the GE experience and are designed to reinforce knowledge and skills acquired from many areas. Students are required to take 3 Upper Division units in Category B, 3 Upper Division units in Category C, 3 Upper Division units in Category D. 

All Upper Division Requirement courses must reinforce advanced college skills, including writing, synthesis and application of knowledge, analysis, critique, and research.

Upper Division Requirements
Area of Study GE Category Units Required List of Approved Courses
Scientific Inquiry & Quantitative Reasoning B 3 Upper Division B Courses (300-400)
Art or Humanities C 3 Upper Division C Courses (300-400)
Social Sciences D 3 Upper Division D Courses (300-400)