Upper Division C Courses

Upper-Division C Courses (300-400) - Arts and Humanities (Category C) - GE Approved Courses

The following courses are approved to meet the General Education requirements indicated.

Please note the following in reviewing these approved course lists:

  • Major courses and campus-wide required courses that are approved for GE credit shall also fulfill (double count) for GE requirements for students entering in Fall 2018.
  • Refer to the online schedule of classes to see which courses are being offered for a specific term and to double check which GE requirements the course satisfies during that term.
  • Be aware that the GE Category (A-E) requirements must each be satisfied by a unique course. The "Other GE Categories" column below may indicate additional categories a course is certified in but does not mean that the course will meet more than one category requirement for an individual student.
  • Additional General Education Requirements should be met by courses also meeting the GE Category requirements to minimize the number of units needed.
  • Comments are added to the course lists below to highlight changes in the approved active GE course lists.
    See Previous Courses to research courses that previously met GE requirements.
  • Students should regularly run their Academic Requirements Report on MyCSULB to monitor their completion of all degree requirements including General Education.


Upper-Division C Courses (300-400)
TimelineTitleGE DesignationsOther GECross-Listed Courses
A/ST 306 Traditional AsiaInterdisciplinary, Global IssuesD2 
A/ST 336 Politics And Literature In Southeast AsiaWriting Intensive, Global Issues  
A/ST 495Inactive as of Spring 2018China HeritageInterdisciplinary, Global IssuesD2 
AFRS 343A African LiteratureExplorations, Global Issues  
AFRS 343BInactive as of Spring 2018Caribbean LiteratureExplorations, Global Issues  
AFRS 346Inactive as of Spring 2021Africana TheatreExplorations, Global Issues   
AFRS 353 Religion Of African PeoplesInterdisciplinary, Global Issues  
AFRS 400 African American Social ThoughtInterdisciplinaryD2 
AFRS 415 International Black Children's LiteratureExplorations, Global Issues  
AFRS 454 Africana Womanism: An Intellectual HistoryInterdisciplinary, Global IssuesD2 
AFRS 498 Ancient Egyptian Ethical ThoughtInterdisciplinary, Global Issues  
AH 432 Museum and Gallery PracticesAdvanced Skills, Writing Intensive  
AH 433 Exhibition and Display PracticesAdvanced Skills  
AH 446Effective Spring 2023Art History Methodologies and WritingAdvanced Skills, Integrative Learning, Writing Intensive  
AH 453 The Arts Of The African DiasporaInterdisciplinary, Writing Intensive, Global Issues  
AH 454 Contemporary Arts Indigenous In The US And American TerritoriesExplorations, Human Diversity AIS 454
AIS 313 American Indian Genders & SexualitiesExplorations WGSS 313
AIS 336 Indigenous Philosophies Of SustainabilityInterdisciplinary, Human Diversity  
AIS 340 American Indian LiteratureExplorations ENGL 340
AIS 454 Contemporary Arts Indigenous In The US And American TerritoriesExplorations, Human Diversity AH 454
AMST 310 Foodways In Contemporary AmericaExplorations, Human Diversity  
AMST 350 California CultureInterdisciplinary  
ANTH 478Effective Spring 2025Anthropology & Film   
ART 311 Writing about Visual ArtIntegrative Learning, Writing Intensive  
ART 333 Global Art ScenesGlobal Issues, Interdisciplinary  
ASAM 341 Asian American/Chicano Latino CinemaExplorations, Human Diversity CHLS 341
CBA 400 Business EthicsInterdisciplinaryD2PHIL 400
CHIN 370Inactive as of Spring 2021Chinese Literature in English TranslationExplorations  
CHLS 341 Asian American/Chicano Latino CinemaExplorations, Human Diversity ASAM 341
CHLS 370 Chicana/O And Latina/O LiteratureInterdisciplinary, Writing Intensive, Human Diversity ENGL 370
CHLS 411Effective Fall 2022Archival Quest: Reclaiming Latinx RhetoricsHumanities, Writing Intensive  
CHLS 450 1492 And BeyondInterdisciplinary, Global Issues D2RGR 450
CLSC 300 Pagan CultureInterdisciplinary, Global IssuesC2a, C2b 
CLSC 310 Greek WorldInterdisciplinary HIST 310
CLSC 312 The Roman WorldInterdisciplinary HIST 312
CLSC 370 Medicine In The Ancient WorldInterdisciplinary, Capstone/Writing Intensive  
CLSC 410 Law & Lit In Classical WorldInterdisciplinaryC2a, C2b 
CLSC 420 Classical DramaInterdisciplinary  
COMM 300Inactive as of Summer 2017Survey Of Rhetorical TheoryExplorations  
CWL 300 Representing The World: Literature And Culture In Contact And ConflictInterdisciplinary, Global Issues, Writing Intensive  
CWL 305 Science Fiction And Global TechnologiesInterdisciplinary, Global Issues  
CWL 314Effective Fall 2023The World Before 1492: Race, Gender, and Identity in the "Middle Ages"Capstone/InterdisciplinaryC3, D3ENGL 314
CWL 315 Literature And MedicineInterdisciplinary, Human DiversityD2 
CWL 320 Comic SpiritInterdisciplinary, Global Issues  
CWL 324 Theatre TodayInterdisciplinary THEA 324
CWL 334Inactive as of Spring 2022Introduction to East Asian Literatures and CulturesExplorations  
CWL 342 Bible As LiteratureExplorations  
CWL 344Effective Fall 2022Literature of the HolocaustHumanities  
CWL 350 Global Literature in American CultureExplorations, Human Diversity  
CWL 405Effective Fall 2021Global Fantasy   
CWL 412 Art & LiteratureInterdisciplinaryC1, C2a 
CWL 414Inactive as of Fall 2023Medieval WorldInterdisciplinaryD2 
CWL 415 Ethnic Literature and Culture in AmericaInterdisciplinary, Human DiversityC2 
CWL 422Inactive as of Spring 2021Renaissance Theatre & DramaInterdisciplinary  
CWL 430Effective Fall 2022Dante  ITAL 430
CWL 451 Film And Novel In SocietyInterdisciplinary  
DANC 373 Nonverbal Communication: Interaction Of Mind And BodyInterdisciplinaryD2, E 
DANC 435 Dance On CameraInterdisciplinary, Writing Intensive  
DANC 342Effective Fall 2019Global Cultures and Dance TraditionsGlobal Issues, Interdisciplinary  
DANC 442Effective Spring 2019Dance and Social Identity in the U.S.Human Diversity, Integrative Learning, Writing IntensiveUpper Division D 
DESN 367Effective Fall 2018History and Theory of ArchitectureExplorationsD2 
DESN 368 History And Theory Of DesignExplorations, Global IssuesD2 
DESN 369 History Of Furniture And Decorative ArtsExplorations, Global IssuesD2 
ENGL 300 Advanced CompositionAdvanced Skills, Capstone/Intensive Writing  
ENGL 314Effective Fall 2023The World Before 1492: Race, Gender, and Identity in the "Middle Ages"Capstone/InterdisciplinaryC3, D3CWL 314
ENGL 318 Theory Of Fiction And FilmInterdisciplinary FEA 318
ENGL 340 American Indian LiteratureExplorations AIS 340
ENGL 363 Shakespeare IExplorations  
ENGL 370 Chicana/O And Latina/O LiteratureInterdisciplinary, Writing Intensive, Human Diversity CHLS 370
ENGL 372 Comedy In The United StatesInterdisciplinary, Human Diversity  
ENGL 375 U.S. Ethnic WritersInterdisciplinary, Writing Intensive, Human Diversity  
ENGL 380Effective Fall 2019Approaches to English StudiesIntegrative Learning  
ENGL 382 Women And LiteratureExplorations WGSS 382
ENGL 385 The Short StoryExplorations  
ENGL 386 PoetryExplorations  
ENGL 387 Comics And Graphic NarrativesInterdisciplinary, Writing Intensive, Human Diversity  
ENGL 444 Literature And EnvironmentService Learning, Writing Intensive  
ENGR 350Effective Fall 2022Computers, Ethics and Society   
FEA 310 Film & CultureExplorations  
FEA 318 Theory Of Fiction And FilmInterdisciplinary ENGL 318
FEA 346 The European Cinema Of Communism, Fascism, And ResistanceInterdisciplinary, Global IssuesD2RGR 346
FEA 486 Alternative MediaInterdisciplinary, Capstone/Writing Intensive  
FREN 440Effective Fall 2023Modern French Culture and SocietyExplorations, Writing Intensive  
GERM 380 Contemp Germany Society CultrInterdisciplinaryD2 
GERM 397Effective Fall 2018Marx, Nietzsche, FreudExplorations, Capstone/Writing Intensive  
GERM 415 Survey Of German Literature And Culture IExplorations  
GERM 416 Survey Of German Literature And Culture IIExplorations  
HIST 303 Rebels & RenegadesInterdisciplinary  
HIST 310 Greek WorldInterdisciplinary CLSC 310
HIST 312 Roman WorldInterdisciplinary CLSC 312
HIST 313 Ancient GreeceExplorations  
HIST 407 Japan & The US in the 20th CenturyInterdisciplinary, Global Issues  
HIST 465 Seeing Latin America: Visual Culture And History In The Latin American WorldWriting Intensive  
HSC 407Effective Fall 2021Health Equity & Social Justice in the US   
ITAL 430Effective Fall 2022Dante  CWL 430
JOUR 315 Literary JournalismExplorations, Capstone/Writing Intensive  
MUS 363 Music & The Visual ArtsInterdisciplinary  
MUS 364 Music & The Temporal ArtsInterdisciplinary  
MUS 393 Jazz - An American MusicExplorations, Human Diversity  
MUS 468 Music & FilmInterdisciplinary  
MUS 490 Introduction To Music CulturesExplorations, Global Issues  
MUS 491Effective Spring 2021Writing About MusicInterdisciplinary  
PHIL 306 Philosophy China-JapanExplorations, Global Issues  
PHIL 307Inactive as of Spring 2020Philosophies Of IndiaExplorations  
PHIL 330 Philosophy Of ReligionExplorations  
PHIL 351 Political PhilosophyInterdisciplinary, Capstone/Writing Intensive  
PHIL 352 Philosophy Of LawInterdisciplinary, Writing IntensiveD2 
PHIL 360Effective Fall 2022Environmental EthicsWriting Intensive  
PHIL 361 Philosophy Of ArtInterdisciplinary  
PHIL 363 Ethical TheoryWriting IntensiveD2 
PHIL 381 Philosophy Of ScienceInterdisciplinary  
PHIL 382 Theory Of KnowledgeWriting Intensive  
PHIL 400 Business EthicsInterdisciplinaryD2CBA 400
PHIL 401Inactive as of Spring 2021Philosophy In EducationService Learning  
PHIL 402Effective Spring 2023Engineering EthicsExplorations, Writing Intensive  
PHIL 403 Medical EthicsInterdisciplinary, Capstone/Writing Intensive  
PHIL 405 Philosophy Of LiteratureInterdisciplinary  
PHIL 451 Race, Enthnicity, Gender, Amer LawInterdisciplinary,Human Diversity  
PHIL 461Inactive as of Spring 2016Diversity In Criticism & Analysis ArtsInterdisciplinary,Human Diversity  
PHIL 482 Intro To Cognitive ScienceInterdisciplinary  
R/ST 301Inactive as of Spring 2020Approaching ReligionExplorations  
R/ST 302 American Religious DiversityInterdisciplinary, Human DiversityC2b 
R/ST 302 American Religious DiversityInterdisciplinary, Human DiversityC2a 
R/ST 303Effective Fall 2019Queer SpiritHuman Diversity, Writing Intensive WGSS 303
R/ST 308 Comparative Religious EthicsExplorations, Global Issues  
R/ST 311 Religion And Literature Of The Hebrew Bible/Old TestamentExplorations  
R/ST 312 Dead Sea ScrollsInterdisciplinaryD2 
R/ST 313A Introduction To Nahuatl Language And Ancient Mexican Codices C2 
R/ST 313B Introduction To Nahuatl Language And Religious Literature C2 
R/ST 322 New Testament & Earliest Christian LiteratureExplorations  
R/ST 331 Islamic Religion And CultureInterdisciplinary, Global Issues  
R/ST 337 SufismInterdisciplinary  
R/ST 341 BuddhismInterdisciplinary, Global Issues  
R/ST 344 Religions Of JapanExplorations  
R/ST 351 HinduismExplorations  
R/ST 352 Religions Of IndiaExplorations, Global Issues  
R/ST 353 Religions Of Southeast AsiaInterdisciplinaryD2 
R/ST 362 Religion And PsychologyUpper Division C/InterdisciplinaryD2 
R/ST 375 Historical JesusExplorations  
R/ST 376 Christian OriginsInterdisciplinary  
R/ST 383 Christianity And Global EthicsInterdisciplinary, Global IssuesD2 
R/ST 391 Religion And ScienceInterdisciplinary  
R/ST 402 Religion In AmericaInterdisciplinaryD2 
R/ST 467Inactive as of Spring 2021Religion In Latin America CaribbeanInterdisciplinary, Global IssuesD2 
R/ST 471 Early Christianity And SocietyInterdisciplinaryD2 
R/ST 472Inactive as of Spring 2021Formation Modern ChristianityInterdisciplinaryD2 
RGR 346 The European Cinema Of Communism, Fascism, And ResistanceInterdisciplinary, Global IssuesD2FEA 346
RGR 400 Crime And PunishmentInterdisciplinary, Global Issues  
RGR 450 1492 And BeyondInterdisciplinary, Global IssuesD2CHLS 450
RUSS 310 Russian Literature In EnglishExplorations  
RUSS 410 Russian Civilization Interdisciplinary  
THEA 323 The Integration Of Design And PerformanceExplorations  
THEA 324 Theatre TodayInterdisciplinary CWL 324
THEA 327Effective Fall 2020Theatre, Protest and Social ChangeInterdisciplinary, Human Diversity, Writing IntensiveUpper Division D 
THEA 425 Theatre And CinemaInterdisciplinary  
WGSS 313 American Indian Genders & SexualitiesExplorations AIS 313
WGSS 318 U.S. Women of ColorInterdisciplinary, Human DiversityD2 
WGSS 365 Popular Culture: Women, Gender & SexualityInterdisciplinary, Human DiversityD2 
WGSS 382 Women And LiteratureExplorations ENGL 382
WGSS 303Effective Fall 2019Queer SpiritHuman Diversity, Writing Intensive R/ST 303