Policy Statement - 10-06 Timely Graduation for Undergraduates

Timely Graduation for Undergraduate Students

This policy statement was recommended by the Academic Senate on April 29, 2010

and approved by the president on May 17, 2010.

In order to provide access to the university’s undergraduate major and minor programs for as many qualified students as possible, this policy is established to ensure timely graduation of undergraduate students.

Students may earn up to 120% of the number of units required for the degree in their declared primary major.  Any additional degree objectives (e.g., majors, minors, certificates) must be able to be completed within the additional units allowed. For the purpose of defining unit limits in this policy:

 •    Units transferred from other institutions in excess of 60 units will be excluded from the unit limits.

•    Units earned by Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and other external exams, military credit, pre-baccalaureate unit credit, as well as unit credit by examination are excluded.

After earning 90 units, students may change degree objectives only if they submit a plan demonstrating that all degree objectives can be completed within the 120% unit limit applicable to the higher unit major.

Students who have not already filed to graduate by the time they have earned 100% of the units required for the degree in their declared primary major must file to graduate and submit a plan to graduate within the unit limits defined in this policy.

Students requesting an exception to the limits in this policy should file an appeal for exception to academic policy. The appeal must include a rationale and an advisor-approved plan to graduate.

If an exception is not approved, students whose plan to graduate exceeds 120% of the number of units required for the degree in their declared primary major may be subject to restrictions on enrollment. If the student has earned any major regardless of whether he or she has declared that major, a degree will be conferred in that major. If the student has not earned a major, enrollment will be restricted to courses required to graduate in the major for which graduation is most likely to occur in a reasonable time.

EFFECTIVE: Fall 2010