The University Center for Undergraduate Advising (UCUA) is the primary advising center for:​

  • Undeclared undergraduate students and those interested in exploring major options or identifying a new major,
  • information about University policy relating to major declaration,
  • undergraduate students seeking assistance in creating a strategy to return to good academic standing after being placed on academic warning (formerly known as academic probation),
  • information about reinstatement to the University after academic disqualification,
  • GenExcel program participants, 
  • Long Beach College Promise 2.0 participants,
  • information about the University's Beach Pledge program.


Appeal of Disqualification

The deadline for submitting an appeal of academic disqualification is 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, June 18, 2023. An appeal can be completed by accessing the online form below. The form will be active on the day disqualification emails are sent to students. Until then, students are encouraged to view the instruction sheet and prepare all of the required materials.


Congratulations on your admission to CSULB! All newly admitted undeclared students will have their first contact with an academic advisor this summer through the Advising & Registration component of SOAR.

Visit the Advising for Newly Admitted Students page for more information.

New undeclared students who need to make a change to their Fall 2023 course schedule after enrolling should meet with a UCUA academic advisor in a drop-in advising session.

UCUA academic advisors are available to meet with undergraduate students in person or via Zoom and can also be reached via email at

Drop-in advising is available for currently enrolled undergraduate students who are undeclared, students who are interested in exploring a different major or adding a minor, students who are on academic warning (formerly known as academic probation), or academically disqualified students who are seeking reinstatement to the University.

Hours of availability and a Zoom link can be found to the right of this message or at the bottom of the page if you are on a mobile device. Undeclared students should visit UCUA Team and Primary Advisors for information about their primary UCUA academic advisor's current drop-in availability.

Drop-in advising sessions are typically limited to a maximum of 15 minutes.

Students should have their ID number ready to provide to the screener when visiting the Center in person or visiting the Zoom waiting room. 



Location: Shakarian Student Success Center, Room 140 (SSSC-140)


Phone: 562.985.4837

Instagram: @ucua_csulb