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How-to Purchase and Pay

Covid-19 Purchasing Update

We have temporarily lifted the requirement to submit an Electronic & Information Technology (E&IT) or formal ATI review (with the exception of Software, Cloud based and Level 1 &2 data) due to the National Emergency Declaration declared today 3/13/20. Therefore, all technology requests will only require an approved emergency request form submitted via DocuSign. Please attach this approved form to one of the following payment requests;

  • Requisition
  • Procurement Credit Card
  • Direct Payment Request
  • Employee Reimbursement

All E&IT reviews will be tracked through this emergency request notification.

For clarification, all software, cloud based and Level 1 & 2 data purchases must continue to go through the campus policy for ATI review.

There are various ways to purchase goods and services. In order to find out the options available, select the appropriate link below based on your purchase transaction type. Details on requirements, processing, and permissible payment types will be provided. Any purchase type requiring a requisition must not be acted upon until the department and/or requestor receives a dispatched purchase order notification from Purchasing.

These procedures are applicable to all three Business Units which include California State University Long Beach (LBCMP), Research Foundation (LBFDN), and 49ER Foundation (LB49R).