CMS Financial Services

Common Management Systems (CMS) Financial Services provides operational and end user assistance for PeopleSoft upgrades, in addition to day to day Common Financial Systems (CFS), Student Financial System (SFS), and Data Warehouse (DWH) functional needs.

This team provides:


Common Management Systems (CMS) Financial Services provides security access and maintenance for CFS PeopleSoft, Student Financial System (SFS), Data Warehouse, and CS Link (Finance). The department is also responsible for the management (activation and inactivation) of chartfields within CFS PeopleSoft and for adding/removing names within the Delegation of Authority. Each process begins with the end user completing one of the forms below.

Financial Forms

Chartfield Request Form (PDF)
Instructions for Chartfield Request (PDF)
Used to request new or inactive chartfield value(s); Fund, Dept, Account, Program, Project, Class, Speedchart.

Delegation of Authority (DOA) Form (DocuSign)
Instructions for Delegation of Authority (PDF)
Used to request a name be added to the Delegation of Authority as an approving authority. To get a better understanding of how Signature Authority and Delegation of Authority work together, reference Signature and Delegation of Authority Overview.

Finance Authority Application (FAA) Form(PDF)
Instructions for Finance Authority Application (PDF)
Security request to access CFS PeopleSoft and/or Data Warehouse.

CS Link for Finance (DocuSign)
Instructions for CS Link for Finance (PDF)
Security request to view LBFDN ADS Payroll reports in CS Link.

Student Financials Forms

PeopleSoft Student Administration System Security Authorization Form (Employees) (DocuSign)
Instructions for Student Administration Security form(PDF)
Security request to access PeopleSoft Student Financials. If you are requesting new access and not modifying existing roles, please also complete the Employee – Student Administration Confidentiality/Security Agreement form.
Student Administration Confidentiality/Security Agreement Form Instructions (PDF)

Common Management Systems (CMS) Financial Services coordinates training for all of Financial Management. We provide skill-based training opportunities for staff and faculty and design video on-demand and customized training to facilitate the University’s fiscal integrity. We are committed to assisting the campus by enhancing professional skills, developing efficiency and effectiveness through accurate record keeping, and adherence to State, CSU, and University procedures. 

On-Demand Training

View online training videos on the Common Management Systems (CMS) Financial Services Microsoft Stream Channel (requires SSO authentication).

Financial Management Training Course Catalog

Register for Training

How to register for a course

Step 1

You may have received an email notification regarding recommended or required training for a specific course. Available dates and times of the training opportunities by Scheduled Courses by List View or by Scheduled Courses by Calendar View.

Step 2

Select the recommended or required course and click on the Sign Up link to register for the course. Complete the Enrollment Form, verifying the accuracy of all fields before clicking the “Enroll” button. You will receive an email confirmation.

Wait List

If a session is full, you may add your name to the Wait List. You will receive an email notification when seats become available.

Express Interest

If the scheduled days and times are not convenient or there are no sessions scheduled for the desired course, select Course Catalog. Select the desired course and click the Express Interest link. You receive an email notification of the next available sessions.

Canceling your confirmed registration

If you need to cancel enrollment in a course, visit Manage Your Registrations page.

Need Additional Training

If a training class is not available on the topic you are interested in, you have a specific issue to address, or if you desire a custom training session for a group of people, reach out to us directly to discuss your options.

In addition to training, the following are available as additional resources for campus and operational users.

  • Signature and Delegation of Authority Overview provides a summarized version of the Signature Authority, defines the relationship with the Delegation of Authority (DOA), and explains how to inquire on Fund or Department.
  • Fund Rules Matrix (XLS) provides a key as to each group of funds within CFS are set up. It can be used to find a description of a fund type (requires SSO authentication).
  • Account List (CSV) is updated daily and provides a comprehensive list of all active accounts.
  • Department List (CSV) is updated daily and provides a comprehensive list of all active departments.
  • Campus Single Sign On (SSO) is where an end user will access CFS and DWH chiclets.
  • Two Step Verification (Microsoft Authenticator) is the same as you access for the campus. You may choose to set up the app on your electronic device which enables the second layer of authentication to use CFS.
  • CFS 9.2 Fluid Overview will provide a one-stop shop for all information and resources related to the CSU implementation on 4/27/2020.
  • Procurement Credit Card Overview - expand the Monthly ProCard Reporting Process section to view the new Paperless 6-Step process.

Common Management Systems (CMS) Financial Services is the main campus resource for all Common Finance System (CFS), Student Financial System (SFS), and Data Warehouse (DWH) questions.