Mechanical equipment that connects to a utility (power, water, air, or gas) or is physically attached (drilling a hole or affixing something to a wall or floor) to a building or structure. Any equipment that has a specific or specialized purpose (e.g. lab equipment: equipment that is large and/or uses a large amount of power; equipment that affects other building infrastructure). Any equipment that may affect accessibility (ADA) or fire/building code requirements in the space. Common types of equipment fitting this category include major appliances (e.g., refrigerators, washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, 3D Printers) or lab equipment. Please note this does not include normal office equipment (e.g., small countertop appliances (coffee maker, tea pot, toasters, etc.), desktop lamps, printers, computers) and normal tabletop teaching equipment that does not meet the description above.

This does not include technology equipment, refer to the TECHNOLOGY transaction type.

This does not include furniture, refer to the FURNITURE transaction type.