Delegation of Purchasing Authority

The purpose of this guideline is to ensure the Procurement & Contractual Services department provides the campus community with cost efficient and effective handling of acquisitions and contracting needs in accordance with State laws and CSU policies. This is achieved through a variety of processes including purchase orders (PO), contracts, affiliation agreements, professional agreements, construction contracts, and non-POs (ProCard, Chargebacks, Direct Vendor Payment). Procurement & Contractual Services strongly supports participation in CSU system wide agreements and other purchasing consortium agreements to achieve greater cost efficiencies and actively fosters open communication to facilitate the mission and goals of the university.

This document is applicable to all three Business Units which include California State University Long Beach (LBCMP), Research Foundation (LBFDN), and 49ER Foundation (LB49R), hereafter, referred to as CSULB Business Units.