Delegation of Purchasing Authority

The purpose of this guideline is to ensure the Procurement & Contractual Services department provides the campus community with cost efficient and effective handling of acquisitions and contracting needs in accordance with State laws and CSU policies. This is achieved through a variety of processes including purchase orders (PO), contracts, affiliation agreements, professional agreements, construction contracts, and non-POs (ProCard, Chargebacks, Direct Vendor Payment). Procurement & Contractual Services strongly supports participation in CSU system wide agreements and other purchasing consortium agreements to achieve greater cost efficiencies and actively fosters open communication to facilitate the mission and goals of the university.

This document is applicable to all three Business Units which include California State University Long Beach (LBCMP), Research Foundation (LBFDN), and 49ER Foundation (LB49R), hereafter, referred to as CSULB Business Units.

In accordance with Executive Order 775 (PDF), purchasing authority is delegated to the University President and by administrative appointment, their designee, the Director, Procurement & Contractual Services. Procurement & Contractual Services is responsible for ensuring all purchases of goods and services are made within the guidelines set forth by the CSU Administrative Manual (ICSUAM) Section 5000 for Contracting and Procurement (PDF), CSU Administrative Guidelines (PDF), Auxiliary Organizations of the CSU and the laws of the state of California.

CSULB Business Units procurement needs for purchasing goods and services are met by providing both purchase order (PO) and non-PO methods, including procurement credit card (ProCard, One Card), chargebacks, and direct vendor payment. Transactions made under this delegation are subject to all laws, regulations, and CSULB Business Units policies governing the procurement of goods and services.

Please see the How to Purchase page for details about each policy/process associated with a specific type of purchase.

The procedures outlined within the transaction types on the How to Buy and Pay page are subject to the CSULB Signature of Authority Guideline . The purpose of this guideline is to ensure the efficient operation of California State University, Long Beach, (“University”) by providing guidelines for the appropriate signature authority and delegation of authority required for various transactions and activities at the University.

The following practices are specifically prohibited:

  • Receiving personal compensation including direct or indirect gratuities, commissions, gifts or other type of compensation for placing a CSULB business unit purchase with a supplier or contractor.
  • Splitting purchase transactions by preparing two or more purchase transactions to the same supplier or preparing two or more purchase transactions to different suppliers for the same items to avoid the bid process or dollar limitations.
  • Engaging in any purchase transactions that would represent a conflict of interest.

Employees who make unauthorized or prohibited purchases or procure goods or services outside of their delegated authority assume the risk of personal liability for payment of the goods or services including transaction fees. Failure to adhere to the conditions of the delegated authority may result in the revocation of delegation.

Any disciplinary action resulting from violations of this policy/procedures shall be administered in a manner consistent with the terms of the applicable collective bargaining agreement, the applicable provisions of the California Education Code and the campus administrative guideline on progressive discipline. Auxiliary HR Policies and/or procedures will apply for Auxiliary employees.

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Issue Date: October 1, 2010

Last Review Date: February 26, 2018

Amended Date: February 26, 2018

Amended Description: Removed duplicate content that is now included in the How to Purchase and Pay transaction types.

Amended Date: August 30, 2016

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