Food Service (Hospitality) - Pre-Approved Caterers and Food Trucks

Providing on campus food and beverage along with professional catering services.  All Pre-Approved Caterers can deliver/drop off food for small or large events in addition to providing full catering services (setup and serving of the food).  If using a pre-approved caterer, you can have food delivered to feed more than 50 people as well as under 50 people.

No, If a pre-approved caterer is used. Please see below under Additional Forms or Requirements. ProCard is the only approved form of payment.

Note: Departments are granted authority to sign for a simple Banquet Event Order (BEO) or food order confirmation (non-monetary commitments of specific food being served or confirmation of final count).

Yes, a requisition is required if any of the following occur:

  • If a new Caterer or Food truck that is not currently on the Pre-Approved list (Caterer) or offered through Curbside Bites (Food Truck). An agreement and insurance will be required.  You must have approval from the Director of Procurement to use a non-preapproved caterer or food truck not requested/organized through Curbside Bites.

If a requisition is required, the minimum time for generating a dispatched Purchase Order is 20 working days after Purchasing receives all completed documentation. If deposits are required by the venue or caterer, allow an additional 5 working days.

Pre-Approved Caterers are suppliers with whom we have negotiated contracts and insurance that will be maintained by the Risk Department.  Please validate the catering options on this page each time before submitting an event-catering request through the EMS system. Once the request is approved you can contact the caterer. Please note, that only approved vendors are permitted to provide catering services on campus. 

Erhart’s Custom Catering

We strive to make your events flawless, offering the experience, support and assistance that only we can provide.  We are dedicated to assuring that your event is one that is fondly remembered long after it has passed.

Phone: 714.826.3350
Erhart’s Custom Catering

The Grand

We’d like to thank you for looking into our services at CSULB. We have over 50 years of catering experience and have been providing catering services on this campus for over 30 years. We are committed to providing the best experience for any and all events you might be hosting. We are here for you in any and all capacity so we will not be requiring order minimums. Please feel free to call us directly to discuss your needs.

Phone: 562.426.0555

Jays Catering

Jay's Catering provides a boutique style approach and an unwavering commitment to individuality and excellence.

Phone: 714.636.6045
Website: Jay's Catering

Naples Rib Company

Naples Rib Company caters over 500 events a year, and makes planning your next event, deliciously affordable. Naples Rib Company has a variety of menu options available, including their great BBQ, Prime Rib Feast, Sandwich Bar, Luau Menu or Heavy Hors d'oeuvres Menu. Naples Rib Company Catering Services are a sure-fire way to make any event a delicious success story.

Phone: 562.439.7427

TGIS Catering

Thank Goodness It’s Sofia (TGIS) is widely known for creating a unique and custom culinary experience. Their menu boasts of classic favorites, innovative cuisine, and flavorful palate pleasers, paired with wonderful service and presentation. When planning your event, think passion…food…. fun…. TGIS Catering.

Phone: 562.492.9555
Website: TGIS Catering


Offering pizzas, salads, sandwiches and wings.  Pizzamania is limited to the ordering of food from their menu for pickup by campus departments from their store location.  They are not approved for delivery to the campus or providing full catering services (setting up and serving the food). 

Phone: 562.594.4889

Address: 1785 Palo Verde Ave., Long Beach

Alonti Catering

Since 1974 Alonti Catering Kitchens have been in the business of crafting amazing food for all types of catering needs and events - large or small. Alonti Catering is THE premier Corporate Caterers in the Los Angeles and Orange County area; as well as Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Chicago, Dallas/Ft Worth…and soon to be Atlanta in 2024. Quality and reliability you can trust! Our scratch made kitchens make food fresh daily and made to order! We never use third party delivery services because our cooks are also delivery drivers! We take care of it all, from placing your order with a personal catering sales manager, your food order is prepared, delivered and set up is always included! Let us know how we can help your next event be a success!

Phone: 714.558.9500

Website: Alonti Catering

Pick Up Stix

Pick Up Stix offers professional catering services at affordable prices.  We serve all of Southern California including, Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura.  Our extensive Asian Catering menu and foods are the finest in quality, abundant, delicious and wok'd fresh to order.  Our professional catering experts will be happy to assist you with planning your next event!

Phone: 800.400.STIX(7849)
Website: Pick Up Stix


Our mission is to transform the food system to make fresh, nutritious food accessible to everyone, everywhere.  We offer fresh grab-n-go breakfasts, hot bowls, salads, wraps/sandwiches, and more that are delicious, nutritious, and affordable.

Phone: 310.819.5919
Website: Everytable

Can only be engaged thru the third-party Curbside Bites. A list of pre-approved food Trucks will be confirmed directly with Curbside Bites via the Food Truck Event form located in the Event Management System. CSULB has contracted with Curbside Bites to organize and ensure that any food truck authorized to perform services for CSULB meets CSULB’s insurance and food handling requirements. 

Notify your Venue Manager of your use of a Pre-Approved Food Truck to ensure entry into EMS. Please refer to the Event Services website for more information.

Curbside Bites Point of Contact: Christian Murcia. Email:

This category only applies to the pre-approved caterers and food trucks that are listed below.  Any other requests for a vendor outside of this category, will need to go through the requisition and purchasing process. Procurement is currently open to adding additional pre-approved caterers to the list.  Interested caterers/companies can inquire with Procurement Services (  Please refer to Hospitality-food-and-entertainment

Hospitality Form Requirement

Must complete the applicable Hospitality form (signed by appropriate approver) to submit with invoice, if applicable. If you are unsure, reference the hospitality guideline or contact Accounts Payable.

Limits are set by occasion and funding source.

  • Permitted Payment Options: Subject to the above requirements.
    • Pre-approved caterers and food trucks – Will be paid by department Procurement card.
      • 25 % deposit required to secure reservations
      • Balance will be charged to department Pcard on file with the reservation at the conclusion of the event.
      • Deposit is refundable up to 48 hours before the event in the case of cancellation
      • Deposit is forfeited if cancelled during the 48 hours prior to the event.
    • Existing on campus vendors – will be paid by Department Procurement Card as arranged with the food service provider 
    • Non-Preapproved caterers only.
      • PO Required
      • ProCard, One Card, Direct Pay and Employee Reimbursement  - not allowed
  • Documents required:
    • Pre-approved providers – Will be paid solely by department Procurement card.
      • Vendor receipts for the deposit must be attached with the related monthly Pcard statement.
      • Final or Balance due Vendor receipts supplied and charged at the event conclusion along with the properly approved hospitality forms must be submitted with the ProCard Statement that corresponds to the final balance due each charge. 
    • Non-Preapproved companies only
      • Supplier Invoice at the conclusion of the event. Electronic invoicing should be sent to  Accounts payable will forward the invoice to the department.
      • Approved Hospitality form must be attached to the invoice when department returns the invoice to accounts payable 
    • Contingent Documents
      • If the supplier is not currently in PeopleSoft, then include the Vendor 204 form with your requisition.
  • Payment Notes:
    • All checks will be mailed by the Accounts Payable department. Electronic payment method is preferred.
    • Invoices received by Accounts Payable, prior to payment, are routed to the requester or approver to verify receipt of service or items. Reference the Invoice Approval Process for more.
  • By accepting a contract with the CSU, Contractors must certify they are neither nor its principals or its subcontractors are presently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible or voluntarily excluded from participation in transactions by any federal department or agency (2 Code Federal Regulations[CFR] 180.220, in accordance with the Office of Management and Budget guidelines at 2 CFR 180 that implement Executive Orders 12549 (3 CFR Part 1986 Comp., p. 189) and 12689 (3 CFR Part 1989 Comp., p. 235).
  • For contracts using both, CSU and federally awarded funds, a debarment check must be completed prior to issuing any procurement contracts of goods or services that are $25,000.00 or greater.

Common GL Account(s) to Use

  • 660922 – Hospitality Expense
  • 622802 – SP-Research Participant Meals
  • 660838 – Student Athlete Meals Non-Travel

Refer to your Division/College/Department for additional policies and procedures.