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Microfabrication Lab

The Microfabrication Lab is used for both teaching and research, opening up opportunities to involve students in applied engineering projects and state-of-the-art research.


UVP B-100AP UV Lamp and Spectronics UV Crosslinker


These ultraviolet (UV) light sources are used to polymerize UV-curable materials to form the walls of the microchannel on a chip.


Laurell WS-400E-6NPP-Lite Spincoater


This instrument is used to coat a thin film (in the micrometer range) of photoresist on silicon wafers for fabrication of molding masters, which are later used to make the polymer components of a microchip.

Dyne-A-Mite Surface Treater                                                                                                    


This instrument is used to clean and modify with ozone the surfaces of the polymer component and glass slide of a microchip. After the ozone treatment, these two components are put into contact to bond together as a complete microfluidic chip.