Sean (Seok-Chul) Kwon received his Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2013. Before that, he received his M.S. from University of Southern California in 2007 and B.S. from Yonsei University in South Korea in 2001.

Dr. Kwon conducted postdoctoral research at Wireless Devices and Systems Group, University of Southern California from 2014-15, and has worked for Intel's Next Generation and Standards Division in the Communication and Devices Group. He was also with the R&D Institute of Pantech in Seoul, South Korea, from 2001-04, where he worked on CDMA common-air interfaces, focusing on layer-3 protocols. He worked on projects with DARPA and the Army Research Lab, as well as six commercial mobile-station projects with Motorola and Sprint. His current research interests are in 5G wireless system design, polarization diversity and multiplexing, body area networks for wearable computing and in-vivo communications, wireless channel modeling and its applications, and network coding-aware channel assignment.