Dr. Wagdy teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in microelectronics, mixed-signal integrated circuit design, analog signal processing, and design of electronic systems.
Dr. Wagdy pioneered the derivation of important equations on ADC quantization errors of sinusoidal signals. He created novel techniques for quantifying the effects of various dither signals on linearizing the average-observed transfer characteristics of ideal and nonideal ADCs. He started his research career with contributions to Active-R Networks, computer-based measurements, and analog-to-digital converters. He also contributed to ADC testing and created a new research engine for flash ADC behavioral modeling.

Dr. Wagdy did research with analog devices and was awarded a NASA Summer Faculty Fellowship at the Jet Propulsion Lab and an Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship at the Air Force Research Lab. He provided consulting services for Racal Instruments.

He is the founder and director of the EE Microelectronics Research Lab, which was funded by Tektronix. He has supervised one PhD student, 10 MS thesis students, and 40 MS project students. Dr. Wagdy is a senior member of IEEE and has served as a guest editor of IEEE publications and chair and technical chair on IEEE conferences. He has published numerous journal and conference papers and received the 2006 CSULB Distinguished Faculty Scholarly and Creative Achievement Award.