Dr. Anna Lee joined the CSULB Department of Electrical Engineering in Fall 2022 as an assistant professor. Prior to joining CSULB, Dr. Lee was an assistant professor at University of Minnesota. She did postdoctoral fellowships in the Electrical Engineering Department at University of Toronto, as well as in the Center for Nanoscale Materials and Chemical Science & Engineering divisions at Argonne National Laboratory, after receiving her Ph.D. from University of Toronto. 

Dr. Lee’s research focuses on design and development of next-generation devices and methods for energy storage and conversion and sensing applications. Her research interests include understanding and exploiting electrical and optical properties of micro-nano scale systems with particular focus on the interfaces between various components, designing innovative next-generation power sources, and studying their unique ensemble effects and functions. Her motivation is to advance science and engineering and use this knowledge to tackle 21st Century demands in a wide range of areas, from energy to sensors.

Her latest patented work is about developing fast- charging batteries, solar cells, membrane technology, and nanoscale plasmonic sensors. Her long-term research objective is to discover fundamentally new concepts and devices that will lead to disruptive advances applicable to sustainable energy, environment, and sensing systems.