Dr. Bo Fu Named Boeing Endowed Professor

Published August 10, 2022
Dr. Bo Fu

Dr. Bo Fu, an associate professor in the CSULB Computer Engineering and Computer Science Department, has been named Boeing Endowed Professor, and will be researching the use of eye-gazing technology to advance pilot training and aviation safety. 

“I’m truly thrilled and honored to be given the opportunity,” said Fu, who was a Research Scientist at the Stanford National Center for Biomedical Ontology, and a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Victoria before joining CSULB. “I feel privileged to contribute to the growth and strength of our partnership with Boeing.” 

The project idea stemmed from her research in intelligent interfaces and knowledge-enabled systems. Fu has successfully applied visual analytics, psychophysiological sensing, and data semantics to accelerate research and innovation in human-data interaction across a range of domains. 

Human error is a leading cause of aviation accidents. Gaze analytics can yield insight into a person’s situation awareness, mental fatigue, cognitive workload, and ability to anticipate the behaviors of automated systems.

Dean Jinny Rhee said this innovative research area exemplifies the strength of COE’s industry partnerships. “Industry challenges inform research, and research informs innovation,” she said. “The support from Boeing has made this possible, as we push the boundaries of knowledge and application together.” 

The strategic alliance embodies the ideals of learning, community, and opportunity in its many educational and professional initiatives, said Philip June, Vice President of Total Quality for Boeing Global Services. “From academic programs focused on relevant technical training to local internships and other early-career opportunities, this partnership has not just grown; it has flourished.”

June said Boeing is excited to welcome Boeing Endowed Professor Dr. Bo Fu as its newest contributor.  “Dr. Fu’s work in gaze analytics promises to provide a unique vehicle for local collaboration – faculty, students, and Boeing researchers will have opportunities to develop such innovations as pilot monitoring technologies for applications ranging from crew training to flight deck design and evaluation.”

He added that Dr. Fu’s research will provide significant advancement in aviation safety, the cornerstone of Boeing’s Second Century of global aviation leadership. “We very much look forward to Dr. Fu’s participation in this latest chapter of our relationship with Cal State Long Beach,” June said.

Fu plans to use state-of-the-art psychophysiological sensors to capture eye gaze and develop advanced and intelligent systems to assist with human decision-making. The research could lead to increased aviation safety and the development of next-generation pilot training technology. 

Research students will have the chance to work with leading scientists and researchers at Boeing, and contribute to novel research. In addition, they will learn to function effectively as team members in multidisciplinary and multicultural environments, understand professional and ethical responsibilities, and pursue lifelong learning beyond formal education.

The research will be conducted primarily in Fu’s D2 Lab (which stands for Data Semantics & Human Data Interaction), with on-site visits and meetings at the Boeing Long Beach campus.