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2022 COE Awards Banquet

Published May 2, 2022

The CSULB College of Engineering (COE) celebrated the accomplishments of faculty and staff at an Awards Banquet at The Pointe on Friday, April 29. Those recognized include:

COE Faculty Researchers
Front row, L-R: Aftab Ahmed, Ava Hedayatipour, Hamid Rahai, and Saba Yohannes-Reda. Back row, L-R: Elhami Nasr, Hossein Sayadi, Mehrdad Aliasgari, Mehran Ramani, Henry Yeh

Research, COE Principal Investigators (July 1, 2021 to Present)

  • Aftab Ahmed, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Department (EE)
  • Mehrdad Aliasgari, Chair,  Computer Engineering and Computer Science Department (CECS)
  • Perla Ayala, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering Department (BME)
  • Ehsan Barjasteh, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering (ChE) and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)
  • Ava Hedayatipour, Assistant Professor, EE
  • Laurie Huning, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Management Department (CECEM)
  • Ju Cheol Moon, Assistant Professor, CECS
  • Oscar Morales Ponce, Assistant Professor, CECS
  • Elhami Nasr, Professor, CECEM
  • Hamid Rahai, Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Programs, COE
  • Mehran Rahmani, Assistant Professor, CECEM
  • Hossein Sayadi, Assistant Professor, CECS
  • Antonella Sciortino, Associate Dean, Academic Programs, COE
  • Jelena Trajkovic, Assistant Professor, CECS
  • Daniel Whistler, Assistant Professor, MAE
  • Henry Yeh, Chair, EE
  • Saba Yohannes-Reda, Director of K-12 Outreach and Recruitment, COE

Perla Ayala and Mehrdad Aliasgari

Notable Research Awards

  • Perla Ayala, Assistant Professor, BME (National Science Foundation CAREER Award)
  • Mehrdad Aliasgari, Chair, CECS (Center for Inclusive Computing Grant)
Lecturer Service Awards
L-R: Maryam Qudrat, Asieh Jalali-Farahani, Kumars Zanparsa, Susan Nachawati, Marwan Youssef, Huy Hoang, Jian-Juei Wang, Parvin Shariat, Feike Leij.

Lecturers with 10+ Years of Service

  • Wajdi Aghatios, EE
  • Amir Aryan, CECEM
  • Hassan Bagheri, MAE
  • Jeremy Bonifacio, MAE
  • Lino Cheang, CECEM
  • Thomas Eng, EE
  • Nassar Farahbakhsh, EE
  • Lea-Mine Gea, MAE
  • Steve Gold, CECS
  • Robert Green, MAE
  • Hamed Haddad Zadegan, MAE
  • Darr Hashempour, CECEM
  • Huy Hoang, CECS
  • Khang Hoang-Vu, MAE
  • John Hsu, EE
  • Samuel Jalali, EE
  • Saeid Janani, MAE
  • Asieh Jalali-Farahani, MAE
  • AK Khattab, MAE
  • Michael Lahlou, CECEM
  • Feike Leij, CECEM
  • William Lopez, EE
  • Walter Martinez, EE
  • Maryam Moussavi, BME
  • Susan Nachawati, CECS
  • Phuong Nguyen, CECS
  • Mike Pulley, CECEM
  • Maryam Qudrat, CECEM
  • Khali Rafique, CECEM
  • Mohammad Rahnavard, CECS, EE
  • Jeremy Redman, CECEM
  • Ali Rezaei, MAE
  • Adeline Schmitz, MAE
  • Parvin Shariat, MAE
  • Ali Sleiman, EE
  • Michael Steinberg, CECEM
  • David Taggart, EE
  • Mohammad Talebi, EE
  • Jason Tsou, CECEM
  • Kyle Vaught, MAE
  • Jian-Juei Wang, CECEM, MAE
  • Tongzhou Wang, CECEM, MAE
  • David Winter, CECS
  • Marwan Youssef, CECEM
  • Kumars Zanparsa, CECEM
Staff Service Recipients
Front row, L-R: Shelley Chang, Saba Yohannes-Reda, Robin Ikemi. Middle row, L-R: DeeDEe Green, Kim Trusdelle. Back row: Djemel Sadi, Karyl Anthony, Mike Fritz
Staff with 10+ Years of Service
  • Karyl Anthony, Administrative Support Assistant, CECS
  • Shelley Chang, Financial Management Supervisor, COE
  • Emmitt Clark, Director of Professional Development and Internships, Engineering Student Success Center (ESSC)
  • Jason Deutschman, Associate Director of Academic Advising, ESSC
  • Liz Flores, Administrative Support Coordinator, Chemical Engineering Department (ChE)
  • Michael Fritz, Network & Projects Coordinator & Technical Advisor, MAE
  • DeeDee Green, Administrative Services Manager, COE
  • Jamie Huynh, Administrative Support Coordinator, ESSC
  • Robin Ikemi, Coordinator, CECS
  • Ameeta Perera, Executive Assistant to the Dean, COE
  • Leo Rodriguez, Equipment Technician, EE
  • Clarice Ross, Coordinator, MAE
  • Djemel Sadi, Network Administrator, MAE
  • Yash Singh, Equipment Technician, MAE
  • Minh Tran, Equipment Technician, ChE
  • Kim Truesdelle, Executive Assistant to the Associate Deans, COE
  • Saba Yohannes-Reda, Director of K-12 Outreach and Recruitment, ESSC

Glen Seymour and Sara Moghtadernejad

University Awards
  • Sara Moghtadernejad, Assistant Professor, ChE (Early Academic Career Excellence)
  • Glen Seymour, Facilities & Equipment Coordinator, COE (CSULB Staff of the Month-April)
Committee Service
  • University: Academic Senate
  • Curriculum and Educational Policies Council
  • Faculty Personnel Policies Council
  • General Education Governing Committee
  • Graduate Studies Advisory Committee
  • Program Assessment and Review Council
  • Univ Mini Grant Summer Stipend Committee
  • University Resource Council
  • COE: Action Plan Champions Task Force
  • Associate Dean Search Committee
  • Awards Committee
  • Climate Survey Committee
  • Elections Committee
  • Engineering Faculty Council
  • Environmental Health and Safety Committee
  • Grade Appeal Committee
  • Research and Scholarly Activities Committee
  • Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Committee
  • Sabbatical Leave Committee
  • Scholarship Committee
Committee Service Recipients
Front row, L-R: Sara Moghtadernejad and Panadda Marayong. Back row, L-R: Mehrdad Aliasgari and Alieh Jalali-Farahani
Service: Multi-year Term Completion
  • Academic Senate: Mehrdad Aliasgari, Chair, CECS; Jalal Torabzadeh, Chair, MAE
  • Curriculum and Educational Policies Council: Panadda Marayong, Professor, MAE
  • General Education Governing Committee: Yu-Fu Ko, Associate Professor, CECEM
  • Program Assessment and Review Council: Navdeep Singh Dhillon, Assistant Professor, MAE
  • Engineering Faculty Council: Asieh Jalali-Farahani, Lecturer, MAE; Chris Druzgalski, Lecturer, EE;
  • James Ary, Professor, EE; Michael Hoffman, Professor, CECS; Panadda Marayong, Professor, MAE; Sarah Moghtadernajad, Assistant Professor, ChE; Shailesh Chandra
  • University Mini Grant Summer Stipend Committee: Sergio Mendez, Professor, Chemical Engineering; and Xiaolong Wu, Professor, CECS
Aerospace Corp. Dean's Leadership Academy
The Aerospace Corporation Dean's Leadership Academy
  • Hannah Caling
  • Mia Castillo
  • Alexander Contreras
  • Moussa Coulibaly
  • Zachary Davis
  • Nickey Diorio
  • Gavin Durkin
  • Meray Gayed
  • Sara Hernnstein
  • Gech Horng Huy
  • Aramis Kelkelyan
  • Yunjin (Arline) Kim
  • Jessica Le
  • Edgar Lopez Bustillos
  • Guadalupe Lucero
  • Arturo Luna
  • Marco Marrufo
  • Deisy Martinez
  • Josias Matthew Navasca
  • Kolbe Nguyen
  • Thomas Nguyen
  • Brandon Pastelin
  • Rohin Pathak
  • Luke Reissmueller
  • Giovanna Ruiz
  • Bryan Serrano
  • Angelo Ryan Soriano
  • Rex Miguel Tabora
  • Samantha Villa Floran