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pipetting a liquid in a container
Dr. Katarzyna Slowinska, a chemistry and biochemistry professor, has partnered with Japanese cosmetic company Shiseido to further her research on the properties and behavior of collagen and collagen-inspired materials.
Students working in chemistry lab
Dr. Derakhshan is among the principal investigators of the new LEAP program, funded by the NSF for $2.1M, aimed at training a new generation of highly skilled Hispanic scientists and engineers.
graduating students walking through confetti
The Chemistry and Biochemistry Department would like to digitally celebrate with our students, their family and friends, and our faculty and staff. Please enjoy a video compiled from faculty and graduating student submissions.
Earth Week Banner
As a member of the CSULB Sustainability Committee, Prof. Fangyuan Tian invites you to participate in this year's Earth Day virtual events & celebrations.
University 2020 awardees from the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
Prof. Vasanthy Narayanaswami has been named The Outstanding Professor at CSU Long Beach this year.
zeolite, a hybrid porous material used to filter methane from landfill gases
Dr. Fangyuan Tian is looking to nature in her research on new materials. One material could be used to create more safe and effective heart stents; another could filter greenhouse gases from landfills.
Chemistry and biochemistry students and faculty at CSUPERB 2020
Prof. Vas Narayanaswami rceived the very prestigious Faculty Research Award at the 2020 CSUPERB annual symposium, which was held Jan 16-18 in Santa Clara, CA. 
protein folding, Drs. Nakayama, Sorin, and Schwans
A collaborative effort within the Nakayama, Schwans, and Sorin Labs centered on better understanding cholinesterase biochemistry and biophysics.
ABRCMS 2019 - Anaheim, California - November 13-16
Five undergraduate researchers from the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry received best poster presentation awards at the 2019 ABRCMS Meeting!
2019 CSU Student Research Competition
The 33rd Annual CSU Student Research Competition was held at CSU FUllerton on April 26-27. All 23 CSU campuses were represented by over 200 graduate and undergraduate student groups. Only students who were endorsed by their campus may enter this competition, usually by a school-wide preliminary research competition. However, only 44 student groups could win 1st and 2nd place awards in each of the 22 divisions. CSULB won 4 awards in total: 3 first place and 1 second place.