Several Students Win Awards for Biomedical Poster Presentations

Published November 15, 2022

Our student presenters had a great weekend!

On Friday, November 4, 2022, Judy Rodriguez (M.S. Biochemistry) from Weers Lab was recognized for her poster presentation at 2022 SoCal Biomedical Sciences Graduate Student Symposium at Cedars Sinai, “Production of TEV Protease for Histidine-Tag removal of Apolipoprotein A-I Chimeric proteins”

On Saturday, November 5, 2022, Victoria Sarkisian (B.S. Chemistry) and Katlyn Lawrence (B.S. Chemistry) from Slowinska Lab won the 1st Prize Undergraduate Research Poster Presentation at the Southern California Section of the American Chemical Society at California Institute of Technology, “Optimization of Thermo-Responsive Nanocarrier Drug Delivery System Under Simulated Blood Flow Conditions.”

Congratulations to our students!