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protein folding, Drs. Nakayama, Sorin, and Schwans
A collaborative effort within the Nakayama, Schwans, and Sorin Labs centered on better understanding cholinesterase biochemistry and biophysics.
ABRCMS 2019 - Anaheim, California - November 13-16
Five undergraduate researchers from the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry received best poster presentation awards at the 2019 ABRCMS Meeting!
2019 CSU Student Research Competition
The 33rd Annual CSU Student Research Competition was held at CSU FUllerton on April 26-27. All 23 CSU campuses were represented by over 200 graduate and undergraduate student groups. Only students who were endorsed by their campus may enter this competition, usually by a school-wide preliminary research competition. However, only 44 student groups could win 1st and 2nd place awards in each of the 22 divisions. CSULB won 4 awards in total: 3 first place and 1 second place.
stressed cancer cell
The Bhandari Lab seeks to understand what makes cancerous cells survive.
CSULB students holding up ABRCMS 2018 awards
CSULB students earn honors at the 2018 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students in Indianapolis, IN. 
mass spectronometer, cover of Chemical and Engineering News magazie featuring article Imaging mass spec
Prof. Kasha Slowinska aims to contemporize methods of teaching analytical chemistry.