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Personnel Directory

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Personnel Directory of Library Staff
Name Title Phone Email Address or Contact Form
Acevedo, Jocelyn Circulation 562.985.5512 Email Jocelyn Acevedo
Andersen, Leslie Library Faculty 562.985.5529 Email Leslie Andersen
Antoville, Nina Technical Services Coordinator 562.985.7829 Email Nina Antoville
Armento, Greg Library Faculty 562.985.4367 Email Greg Armento
Aubele, Joseph Library Faculty 562.985.5321 Email Joseph Aubele
Beyer, Chris Technical Director / I-Space 562-985-5224 Email Chris Beyer
Brant, Nicollette Library Faculty   Email Nicollette Brant
Cameron, Helen Interlibrary Services 562.985.4629 Email Helen Cameron
Cooper, Thanthony Interlibrary Services 562.985.4629 Email Thanthony Cooper
DeBellis, Norah Library Faculty 562.985.7643 Email Norah DeBellis
DeMars, Michelle Library Faculty 562.985.7824 Email Michelle DeMars
Diaz, Jane Research and Information Services Coordinator 562.985.4010 Email Jane Diaz
Duong, Khue Library Faculty 562.985.2641 Email Khue Duong
Espinoza, Herminio Shelving 562.985.5116 Email Herminio Espinoza
Gajewski, Adam Circulation 562.985.5512 Email Adam Gajewski
Gardner, Gabriel Library Faculty 562.985.4976 Email Gabriel Gardner
Genzel, Kirstie LMS and Electronic Resources Coordinator 562.985.4935 Email Kirstie Genzel
Gilmore, Tracy Collection Development Officer / Library Faculty 562.985.8877 Email Tracy Gilmore
Griffin, Karin Library Faculty 562.985.1542 Email Karin Griffin
Guerrero, Dale Technical Services 562.985.5892 Email Dale Guerrero
Gunawardena, Melissa Administrative Staff 562.985.7840 Email Melissa Gunawardena
Hogan, Emily Technical Services 562.985.8504 Email Emily Hogan
Janousek, Kelly Library Faculty 562.985.7815 Email Kelly Janousek
Kochan, Roman Dean of Library Services 562.985.4047 Email Roman Kochan
Lanham-Friedman, Kellie Interlibrary Services 562.985.4629 Email Kellie Lanham
Lenzen, Austin LMS and Electronic Resources Assistant 562.985.5369 Email Austin Lenzen
Luévano, Susan Library Faculty 562.985.5891 Email Susan Luévano
Luong, Loc Innovation Space / I-Space 562.985.8690 Email Loc Luong
Mayfield, Tracey Associate Dean   Email Tracey Mayfield
Medvedovskaya, Amber Technical Services 562.985.4022 Email Amber Medvedovskaya
Miranda, Efren Library Collections and Facilities Coordinator 562.985.7015 Email Efren Miranda
Mitchell, Richard Circulation 562.985.5512 Email Richard Mitchell
Moffatt, Mark Circulation 562.985.5512 Email Mark Moffatt
Moore, Michael Shelving 562.985.5116 Email Michael Moore
Moses, Imani Administrative Staff 562.985.4047 Email Imani Moses
Munda, Victoria Access Services Coordinator 562.985.5567 Email Victoria Munda
Nguyen, Tom Architect/ I-Space 562.985.7668 Email Tom Nguyen
Ou, Vann Technical Services 562.985.7831 Email Vann Ou
Outten, Cathy Library Faculty / Children's Collection 562.985.7761 Email Cathy Outten
Parra, Gilbert Circulation 562.985.5512 Email Gilbert Parra
Parra, Yesica Circulation 562.985.5512 Email Yesica Parra
Pascual, Chloé Library Faculty / Special Collections & University Archives  562.985.1895 Email Chloé Pascual
Pavenick, Alexis Library Faculty 562.985.2332 Email Alexis Pavenick
Perruso, Carol Library Faculty 562.985.5735 Email Carol Perruso
Ramachandran, Hema Library Faculty 562.985.5749 Email Hema Ramachandran
Rice, Cheryl Administrative Staff 562.985.7839 Email Cheryl Rice
Robles, Monica Innovation Space / I-Space 562.985.8668 Email Monica Robles
Sigala, Cesar Innovation Space / I-Space 562.985.8668 Email Cesar Sigala
Sinay Gudiel, Caroline Technical Services 562.985.4952 Email Caroline Sinay Gudiel
Solic, Mary Ann Director of Development 562.985.7837 Email Mary Ann Solic
Steele, Heather Special Collections & University Archives 562.985.1580 Email Heather Steele
Travis, Tiffini Library Faculty 562.985.7850 Email Tiffini Travis
Vazquez, Briana Circulation 562.985.5512 Email Briana Vazquez      
Velasco, Kelly Administrative Staff 562.985.4154 Email Kelly Velasco
Warner, Irene Technical Services 562.985.8659 Email Irene Warner
Yeung-Lindquist, Rosario Administrative and Business Manager 562.985.1532 Email Rosario Yeung-Lindquist

You may contact the individuals listed above via U.S. Mail at:

University Library
California State University
1250 Bellflower Boulevard
Long Beach, California 90840-1901