New Books

The books listed below were received by the library in November 2022. This list is updated on a monthly basis. For up-to-date information and availability, click on the title to see the item in the library catalog.

November Arrivals
Title Author Publisher Year Call Number
Ideas That Changed Literacy Practices : First Person Accounts from Leading Voices. Sumara, Dennis. Myers Education Press 2021. BC_eBook
Reading in the Brain : The New Science of How We Read. Dehaene, Stanislas. Penguin Publishing Group 2009. BF_eBook
Narrative imagination and everyday life / Andrews, Molly. Oxford University Press [2014] BF408 .A54 2014
Osnat and her dove : the true story of the world's first female rabbi / Samuel, Sigal, author. Levine Querido 2021. BM755.B368 S26 2021
Magic in Islam Knight, Michael Muhammad Author Tarcher 2016 BP_eBook
Extensible processing for archives and special collections : reducing processing backlogs / Santamaria, Daniel A., author. Neal-Schuman an imprint of the American Library Association 2015. CD971 .S33 2015
Black snow : Curtis LeMay, the firebombing of Tokyo, and the road to the atomic bomb / Scott, James author. (James M.), W W Norton & Company [2022] D767.25.T6 S368 2022
The Virginia venture : American colonization and English society, 1580-1660 / Ewen, Misha, author. University of Pennsylvania Press [2022] DA375 .E94 2022
New solutions for house museums : ensuring the long-term preservation of America's historic houses / Harris, Donna Ann. AltaMira Press ©2007. E159 .H265 2007
Stamped (for kids) : racism, antiracism, and you / Cherry-Paul, Sonja, author. Little Brown and Company Hachette Book Group 2021. E185 .C5125 2021
Runaway : the daring escape of Ona Judge / Shepard, Ray Anthony, author. Farrar Straus Giroux 2021. E450 .S545 2021
A Contested Caribbean Indigeneity : Language, Social Practice, and Identity within Puerto Rican Taíno Activism / Feliciano-Santos, Sherina, author. Rutgers University Press [2021] F_eBook
Christians, blasphemers, and witches : Afro-Mexican ritual practice in the seventeenth century / Bristol, Joan Cameron, 1968- University of New Mexico Press 2007. F1392.B55 B75 2007
Race against time : the untold story of Scipio Jones and the battle to save twelve innocent men / Wallace, Sandra Neil, author. Calkins Creek an imprint of Boyds Mills & Kane [2021] F417.P45 W35 2021
Exploring small towns. Yeadon, David. Ward Ritchie Press [1973] F859.3 .Y38
Terminal Island : lost communities of Los Angeles Harbor / Hirahara, Naomi, 1962- author. Angel City Press [2015] F868.L8 H45 2015
A new creation : the incorporation of the City of Orange, 1888 / Brigandi, Phillip. City of Orange Centennial Commission ©1988. F869.O55 B7 1988
The adobes of Twentynine Palms / Rimmington, Pat, 1940- Desert Moon Press ©1988. F869.T9 R56 1988
Race to the bottom of the Earth : surviving Antarctica / Barone, Rebecca E. F., author. Henry Holt and Company 2021. G874 .B376 2021
The Maya and Climate Change: Human-Environmental Relationships in the Classic Period Lowlands Seligson, Kenneth E. Oxford University Press USA 2022 GF_eBook
Material lives : women makers and consumer culture in the 18th century / Dyer, Serena, author. Bloomsbury Visual Arts 2021. GN585.E54 D94 2021
Giving life to movement : the Silvestre dance technique / Williams, Tamara LaDonna, 1984- author. McFarland & Company Inc Publishers [2021] GV1637 .W55 2021
Open water swimming manual : an expert's survival guide for triathletes and open water swimmers / Cox, Lynne, 1957- Vintage Books a division of Random House Inc [2013] GV838.53.L65 C69 2013
The making of the English working class / Thompson, E. P. 1924-1993, author. (Edward Palmer), Open Road Integrated Media Inc 2016. HD_eBook
Leading with communication : a practical approach to leadership communication / Gamble, Teri Kwal, author. SAGE Publications [2013] HD57.7 .G356 2013
Interpersonal skills in organizations / De Janasz, Suzanne C., author. McGraw-Hill [2022] HD58.7 .D415 2022
Eventually everything connects / Lora, Loris, author. Nobrow 2014. HM1111 .L673 2014
Speaking of violence : the politics and poetics of narrative dynamics in conflict resolution / Cobb, Sara B. Oxford University Press [2013] HM1126 .C63 2013
Our kids : the American dream in crisis. Putnam, Robert D., author. Simon & Schuster 2015. HN_eBook
The Womanist Reader : The First Quarter Century of Womanist Thought. Phillips, Layli. Taylor & Francis Group 2006. HQ_eBook
The transformation of American sex education : Mary Calderone and the fight for sexual health / More, Ellen Singer, 1946- author. New York University Press [2022] HQ_eBook
Teaching moral sex : a history of religion and sex education in the United States / Slominski, Kristy L., author. Oxford University Press [2021] HQ_eBook
The Dumbest Generation : How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future(or, Don 't Trust Anyone Under 30). Bauerlein, Mark. Penguin Publishing Group 2008. HQ_eBook
The Stolen Year : How COVID Changed Children's Lives, and Where We Go Now. Kamenetz, Anya. PublicAffairs 2022. HQ_eBook
Square Pegs and Round Holes : Alternative Approaches to Diverse College Student Development Theory. Bonner II, Fred A. Stylus Publishing LLC 2021. HQ_eBook
Antigone's example : early modern women's political writing in times of Civil War from Christine de Pizan to Helen Maria Williams / Suzuki, Mihoko, 1953- author. Palgrave Macmillan [2022] HQ1236.5.G7 S89 2022
The Cannabis Social Club. Pardal, Mafalda. Taylor & Francis Group 2022. HS_eBook
Our skin : a first conversation about race / Madison, Megan, author. Rise an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC [2021] HT1521 .M23 2021
Whiteness interrupted : white teachers and racial identity in predominantly black schools / Bell, Marcus, 1983- author. Duke University Press [2021] HV_eBook
Assessing culturally informed parenting in social work / Kiima, Davis, author. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group 2021. HV_eBook
Dissenting social work : critical theory, resistance and pandemic / Garrett, Paul Michael, 1958- author. Routledge 2021. HV_eBook
Adoption-specific therapy : a guide to helping adopted children and their families thrive / Waterman, Jill, 1945- author. American Psychological Association [2018] HV875 .W38 2018
Public Education : Defending a Cornerstone of American Democracy. Berliner, David C. Teachers College Press 2021. LA_eBook
Becoming great universities : small steps for sustained excellence / Light, Richard J., author. Princeton University Press [2022] LA_eBook
What inclusive instructors do : principles and practices for excellence in college teaching / Addy, Tracie Marcella, author. Stylus Publishing LLC [2021] LB_eBook
From pushups to angel's wings : great things happen when boys read / Shaffer, Michael author. (Michael Byran), Rowman & Littlefield Publishers [2022] LB_eBook
Scripting the moves : culture and control in a "no-excuses" charter school / Golann, Joanne, 1982- author. Princeton University Press [2021] LB_eBook
Dress rehearsals for gun violence : confronting trauma and anxiety in America's schools / VanSlyke-Briggs, Kjersti, author. Rowman & Littlefield [2021] LB_eBook
Failure Before Success : Teachers Describe What They Learned from Mistakes. Warner, Julie. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2021. LB_eBook
Bankers in the ivory tower : the troubling rise of financiers in US higher education / Eaton, Charlie, author. The University of Chicago Press [2022] LB_eBook
A problem of fit : how the complexity of college pricing hurts students - and universities / Levine, Phillip B., author. The University of Chicago Press [2022] LB_eBook
Misconceiving merit : paradoxes of excellence and devotion in academic science and engineering / Blair-Loy, Mary, author. University of Chicago Press [2022] LB_eBook
Optimizing higher education learning through activities and assessments / Inoue, Yukiko, author. IGI Global [2020] LB_eBook
Language at the speed of sight : how we read, why so many can't, and what can be done about it / Seidenberg, Mark S., author. Basic Books an imprint of Perseus Books a division of PBG Publishing LLC a subsidiary of Hachette Book Group Inc [2017] LB_eBook
Shifting the balance : 6 ways to bring the science of reading into the balanced literacy classroom / Burkins, Jan Miller, 1968- author. Stenhouse Publishers [2021] LB_eBook
In the basement of the ivory tower : confessions of an accidental academic / Professor X. Viking 2011. LB2331.72 .P76 2011
Race Frames in Education : Structuring Inequality and Opportunity in a Changing Society. Rodriguez, Sophia. Teachers College Press 2022. LC_eBook
The real world of college : what higher education is and what it can be / Fischman, Wendy, author. The MIT Press [2022] LC_eBook
What we value : public health, social justice, and educating for democracy / Pasquerella, Lynn, author. University of Virginia Press [2022] LC_eBook
It's Not Free Speech : Race, Democracy, and the Future of Academic Freedom. Bérubé, Michael. Johns Hopkins University Press 2022. LC_eBook
Critical race theory in education : a scholar's journey / Ladson-Billings, Gloria, author. Teachers College Press 2021. LC_eBook
Affirming Black Students' Lives and Literacies : Bearing Witness. Willis, Arlette Ingram. Teachers College Press 2022. LC_eBook
Dirty knowledge : academic freedom in the age of neoliberalism. / Schleck, Julia, 1976- author. University of Nebraska Press [2022] LC_eBook
Inclusive teaching : strategies for promoting equity in the college classroom / Hogan, Kelly A. (Senior STEM lecturer in biology), author. West Virginia University Press [2022] LC_eBook
Les sources manuscrites des séquences et proses notées : IXe-XVIe siècles. Meyer, Christian, 1952- author. G Henle Verlag [2022] ML113 .R46 Ser.B XVIII
Hélio Oiticica : folding the frame / Small, Irene, author. The University of Chicago Press [2016] N6659.O35 S63 2016
Korean art : from the 19th century to the present / Horlyck, Charlotte, author. Reaktion Books 2017. N7364 .H67 2017
Fray : art + textile politics / Bryan-Wilson, Julia, author. The University of Chicago Press 2017. N7433.9 .B79 2017
Kiki Man Ray : art, love, and rivalry in 1920s Paris / Braude, Mark, author. WW Norton & Company Inc [2022] N7574.5.F8 B73 2022
Collecting the now : on the financial side of postwar art history / Maizels, Michael, 1983- author. University of Michigan Press [2022] N8600 .M335 2022
Excursions of imagination : 100 great British drawings from the Huntington's collection / Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery, author. in association with Lund Humphries; The Huntington Library Art Museum and Botanical Gardens 2022. NC228 .H455 2022
Book of colors : matching colors, combining colors, color designing, color decorating / Kobayashi, Shigenobu, 1925- Kodansha International ©1987. ND1495.P8 H3513 1987
Vincent can't sleep : Van Gogh paints the night sky / Rosenstock, Barb, author. Alfred A Knopf an imprint of Random House Children's Books [2017] ND653.G7 R67 2017
Performing Craft in Mexico : Artisans, Aesthetics, and the Power of Translation. Avis Feder-Nadoff, Michele. Lexington Books 2022. NK_eBook
Frank Bros : the store that modernized modern / Mullio, Cara, 1970- author, curator. Black Dog Publishing [2017] NK835.C3 F73 2017
Innovation in the arts : concepts, theories, and practices. White, Jason C. Taylor & Francis Group 2022. NX_eBook
Hollywood sports movies and the American dream / Wiedenfeld, Grant, author. Oxford University Press [2022] PN1995.9.S67 W53 2022
Scripts of Blackness : early modern performance culture and the making of race / Ndiaye, Noémie, author. University of Pennsylvania Press [2022] PN2071.I47 N38 2022
Carrying all before her : celebrity pregnancy and the London stage, 1689-1800 / Phillips, Chelsea, author. Distributed worldwide by Rutgers University Press; University of Delaware Press [2022] PN2592.13.P74 P45 2022
The building / Eisner, Will. DC Comics 2000. PN6727.E4 B85 2000
Dropsie Avenue : the neighborhood / Eisner, Will. DC Comics 2000, ©1995. PN6727.E4 D75 2000
Motor crush / Fletcher, Brenden, creator. Image Comics Inc 2017- PN6728.M6776 F56 2017
Baudolino / Eco, Umberto. Bompiani 2000. PQ4865.C6 B38 2002
Irony and earnestness in eighteenth-century literature : dimensions of satire and solemnity / Herron, Shane, author. Cambridge University Press 2022. PR_eBook
Masculinity and the English working class : studies in Victorian autobiography and fiction / Lee, Y. S. 1974-, author. (Ying S.), Routledge 2016. PR_eBook
Andrew Marvell, orphan of the hurricane / Hirst, Derek. Oxford University Press 2012. PR3546 .H527 2012
Joy of the worm : suicide and pleasure in early modern English literature / Daniel, Drew, 1971- author. The University of Chicago Press 2022. PR408.S845 D36 2022
The fall of Númenor : and other tales from the second age of Middle-Earth / Tolkien, J. R. R. 1892-1973, author. (John Ronald Reuel), William Morrow an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers [2022] PR6039.O32 F3556 2022
The pursuit of style in early modern drama : forms of talk on the London stage / Hunter, Matthew, 1985- author. Cambridge University Press 2022. PR658.L354 H86 2022
Authorship and appropriation : writing for the stage in England, 1660-1710 / Kewes, Paulina. Oxford University Press; Clarendon Press 1998. PR698.E35 K49 1998
Bess of Hardwick's letters : language, materiality, and early modern epistolary culture / Wiggins, Alison, 1974- author. Routledge 2018. PR913 .W54 2018
Khinsu and the trial of swords / McDaniel, Cameron J., author. Lulu [2018] PS3613.C3865 K45 2018
Once upon a messy whisker / Holm, Jennifer L., author. Random House 2022. PZ7 .HOLM
Salt magic / Larson, Hope, author. Margaret Ferguson Books [2021] PZ7 .LARS
The Great Bear / Robertson, David, 1977- author. Puffin Canada 2021. PZ7 .ROBE
Root magic / Royce, Eden, author. Walden Pond Press an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers [2021] PZ7 .ROYC
Sona Sharma, very best big sister? / Soundar, Chitra, author. Candlewick Press 2021. PZ7 .SOUN
Indivisible / Aleman, Daniel, author. Little Brown and Company 2022. PZ7.5 .ALEM
The words in my hands / Asphyxia (Novelist), author, illustrator. Annick Press 2021. PZ7.5 .ASPH
Some girls do / Dugan, Jennifer, author. G P Putnam's Sons [2021] PZ7.5 .DUGA
What about Will / Hopkins, Ellen, author. GP Putnam's Sons [2021] PZ7.5 .HOPK
Switch / King, A. S. 1970- author. (Amy Sarig), Dutton Books 2021. PZ7.5 .KING
Thanks a lot, Universe / Lucas, Chad, author. Amulet Books 2021. PZ7.5 .LUCA
She drives me crazy / Quindlen, Kelly, author. Roaring Brook Press 2021. PZ7.5 .QUIN
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone / Rowling, J. K., author. Arthur A Levine Books an imprint of Scholastic Press 1998 PZ7.5 .ROWL
The way back / Savit, Gavriel, author. Alfred A Knopf [2020] PZ7.5 .SAVI
The toll / Shusterman, Neal, author. Simon & Schuster BFYR [2019] PZ7.5 .SHUS
Soul food Sunday / Bingham, Winsome, author. Abrams Books for Young Readers 2021. PZ8 .BING
A song of frutas / Engle, Margarita, author. Atheneum Books for Young Readers [2021] PZ8 .ENGL
Out into the big wide lake / Harbridge, Paul, author. Tundra Books 2021. PZ8 .HARB
While you're sleeping / Jackson, Mick, 1960- author. Pavilion Children's Books 2020. PZ8 .JACK
Room for everyone / Khan, Naaz, author. Atheneum Books for Young Readers [2021] PZ8 .KHAN
Where do they go when it rains? / Muller, Gerda, author, illustrator. Floris Books 2020. PZ8 .MULL
What I am / Srinivasan, Divya, author, illustrator. Viking 2021. PZ8 .SRIN
When Lola visits / Sterling, Michelle, author. Katherine Tegen Books an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers [2021] PZ8 .STER
Wishes / Van, Muon, author. Orchard Books an imprint of Scholastic Inc 2021. PZ8 .VanM
Polynomials, dynamics, and choice : the price we pay for symmetry / Crass, Scott, author. CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group 2023. QA174.7.S96 C73 2023
Understanding regression analysis : a conditional distribution approach / Westfall, Peter H., 1957- author. CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group [2020] QA278.2 .W475 2020
Numerical analysis and scientific computation / Leader, Jeffery J., author. CRC Press 2022. QA297 .L384 2022
Geometry and its applications / Meyer, Walter J. 1943- author. (Walter Joseph), CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group 2022. QA453 .M49 2022
Differential geometry of curves and surfaces / Banchoff, Thomas, author. CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group 2023. QA641 .B32 2023
99 variations on a proof / Ording, Philip, author. Princeton University Press [2019] QA8.4 .O73 2019
Justification logic : reasoning with reasons / Artemov, S. N., author. Cambridge University Press 2019. QA9 .A78 2019
Geophysics for the mineral exploration geoscientist / Dentith, M. C. (Michael C.) Cambridge University Press 2014. QC807 .D46 2014
Health sciences literature review made easy : the matrix method / Garrard, Judith, author. Jones & Bartlett Learning [2020] RA_eBook
Airport engineering : planning and design / Saxena, Subhash Chandra, 1934- author. CBS Publishers & Distributors 2008. TL725.3.P5 S29 2008
Surface design for ceramics / Mills, Maureen. Lark Crafts 2011. TT920 .M55 2011
The Ahwahnee : Yosemite's grand hotel / Walklet, Keith S. DNC Parks & Resorts at Yosemite and Yosemite Association ©2004. TX941.A59 W35 2004
Teaching the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Engineers Bosman, Lisa. author. Imprint Springer; Springer International Publishing 2018. Unknown_eBook
Planning Optimal Library Spaces : Principles, Processes, and Practices. Moore, II, David R.,. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2018. Z_eBook
The passive programming playbook : 101 ways to get library customers off the sidelines / Willey, Paula, author. ABC-CLIO [2021] Z_eBook