Internationalizing Teaching Awards

Incentive Awards to Internationalize Teaching and Learning

The International Education Committee and the Center for International Education invite all departments to submit proposals for internationally-related innovations in instruction. The goal of this award is to ensure that the “variety and scope of the University's international curricular offerings are continuously broadened and deepened,” as articulated in the Global Perspectives pillar of the CSULB Mission.

Awards of three or six units of release time will be provided to departments and programs, depending on the scale of the curricular project. Individual faculty may receive no more than three units of assigned time per award. Projects must address the creation and alignment of curriculum to global learning outcomes on a programmatic or departmental scale. Projects must also demonstrate how these outcomes will be assessed.

All department or program faculty receiving assigned time from this award will be required to attend two 60- to 90-minute workshops. The Global Studies Institute will host these workshops (Academic Year TBA) in collaboration with the International Education Committee and the Center for International Education and Global Engagement, to provide a faculty development opportunity, a supportive cohort, and technical assistance. The proposed departmental or programmatic changes must be initiated, and successfully certified, through all stages of curricular governance no later than the end of the Fall (Year TBA) semester.

The CSULB International Education Committee shall conduct the selection of proposals. Proposals shall be evaluated and funded on merit based on the criteria below.

  • The quality and innovation demonstrated in the proposed internationalization of the department or program curriculum
  • Evidence of alignment of department/program global learning outcomes, curriculum and assessment
  • The breadth of the proposed change in the internationalization of the curriculum
  • The scale of the impact of the internationalization upon student learning in terms of the number of students who would benefit from these curricular changes
  • The feasibility and sustainability of the initiative

Departments are invited to complete the Proposal Form (below) and attach of any optional accompanying materials with their application. Submissions are due by (date TBA). Proposals should be submitted to Teri Jablonski, College of Professional and Continuing Education.

A one-page evaluation report that summarizes the outcome of the curricular changes, a copy of the new curriculum, and evidence of completion of the curricular governance process, must also be provided by the end of the Fall (Year TBA) semester. These reporting materials should be sent to Heather Barker, Chair of the International Education Committee. Awardees will be invited to present their work to the campus community. 

The announcement of the awardees will be made by (Date TBA).

For questions about the proposals, contact Heather Barker.  For questions about the workshops, contact Richard Marcus, Director of the Global Studies Institute.

Check back to access the following documents:

  • The Call for Proposals for the Incentive Awards to Internationalize Teaching & Learning.
  • Proposal application form for the Incentive Awards to Internationalize Teaching & Learning. 

For further details, contact Teri Jablonski.

Deadline for submission: TBA