Estimated Costs

One of the most important steps in preparing for an exchange placement at CSULB includes planning for the anticipated costs related to the duration of your stay. The list below outlines some of the main costs that CSULB international exchange students accrue during their time in California. Estimated dollar amounts for each of these costs are updated annually and published in the Statement of Financial Obligation form which can be accessed during the application process.

Basic tuition fees are waived for exchange students based on our institutional agreements.

Students must enroll into the mandatory CSU JCB Health Insurance Policy. No exceptions or waivers to this coverage are allowed even if your home university or country requires that you have an additional insurance policy. Enrollment instructions will be sent to participants after their acceptance into the exchange program. For more information, visit Health Insurance.

Students are responsible for their own accommodation and living expenses. Both on and off-campus housing options are available to participants.

Students will be asked to supply their own textbooks for the majority of classes offered on campus. Students who choose classes with published special laboratory, supply, or activity charges should be aware that they will be responsible for paying the fees. Additionally, students are responsible for any fines implemented by the university such as overdue library books or rented materials.

Students should also be prepared for any costs related to transportation, personal travel, shopping, etc. This amount will change greatly for each individual depending on personal spending habits.