Active Learning Classrooms

CSULB Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) are where instructors and students experience a flexible, student-centered learning environment. See the complete Active Learning Classroom List for room and scheduling priority details.

An Active Learning Classroom Offers:

  • A learning environment which facilitates active learning, not traditional lecture.
  • The ability for instructors to easily engage with students during activities.
  • Technology allowing students to present work for review by peers and instructors.
  • Furniture and writable walls designed to facilitate small-group work.

Faculty and staff scheduling into ALCs should be trained on the use of this technology. Training is provided by Academic Technology Services (ATS) to learn equipment functionality. Instructors desiring to schedule classes in ALCs must adopt pedagogy consistent with the aims and capabilities described above. 

Active Learning Classroom Scheduling Protocols:

  • Beginning Fall 2022, scheduling academic classes and events in ALCs will no longer require special approval from Academic Affairs. Departments are still expected to only schedule activities that are appropriate for the existing technology in these rooms. 
  • Events scheduled into ALCs beyond regular course section activities will still be captured in Ad Astra and the EMS system by the Campus Events Office so that building access doors can be opened appropriately. 
  • All ALC doors will be upgraded with keypad access and shelter in place locks as appropriate. Please see your department or college coordinator for more details on room access and acquiring codes for weekend use.
  • ALC scheduling priorities during academic schedule building will remain the same. These are assigned to individual colleges during Phase 1 and 2 as described on the Active Learning Classroom List. 
  • Scheduling timelines for specific terms are posted on the Ad Astra homepage
  • After the end of Phase 2 schedule building, ALC allocations are no longer in effect and the rooms can be reserved by any department. 
  • In the event that departments from another college schedule a class in an ALC while allocations are still in effect, the designated college should ask them to remove that section from the room.  
  • If the department fails to relocate the class in a timely manner, the college may submit an Academic Scheduling help ticket to have the class removed.