Long Beach Small Business Monitor (LBSBM)

2024: Helping Small Business Thrive and Prosper

In this issue of the LBSBM, Long Beach small business owners and managers rate how they feel local government has performed in supporting local businesses over the past year, rank their most pressing problems and concerns, and prioritize actions City Government can take to help small business succeed in the coming new year.

In sum, most Long Beach small business people feel they have not been getting sufficient support from Long Beach City government. Today, a large majority want help in finding and securing skilled workers. Most all would like a reduction in small business taxes and fees. Nearly 9 in 10 small business people say they would like to partner with local government to help negotiate with property owners for a reduction in rent and other beneficial changes to lease agreements. Nearly all would like more information on the availability of grants and other types of no or low-cost financial support that might be available for local small businesses

2024 Thrive and Prosper Report


The purpose of the Long Beach Small Business Monitor is to provide the greater Long Beach region and community an understanding of the expectations and desires of small business owners

The results are based on surveys of between 100 and 300 small business owners and managers randomly selected from all Long Beach small businesses of 50 employees or less. Under the direction of Dr. Flexo, Marketing Systems Group generated a random sample from their frame of all small businesses with addresses in Long Beach. The sample was sent to Clear Insights Group a professional data collection facility. Each small business was called by a professionally trained interviewer. A final sample of 100-300 interviews with small businesses was collected using this industry-standard procedure. MOE ranges between +/-6.5% and 5.5% depending on the final sample size.