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Dr. Paul T. Buonora

Courses Taught

  • CHEM 421/521, Physical Organic Chemistry
  • CHEM 420, Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory
  • CHEM 320A/B, Organic Chemistry I & II


Research Group

Research areas: Our research focuses on synthetic organic methodology, with an emphasis general synthetic transformations and catalysis by small molecules and in microenvironments. Our goal is to develop methods general enough to be applied to library synthesis, ultimately providing new tools for synthetic and medicinal chemists.

Beyond publications and presentations, the major product of the program has been its graduates. Group alumni generally proceed to graduate work in chemistry, medical and dental schools, or directly to careers in chemistry, where most have found employment in the petrochemical, fine chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

A major focus of our recent research is the library synthesis of species containing γ-dicarbonyl derived fragments. Such fragments are structurally important in several families of pharmacologically active compounds. These include hydroxamic acid and γ-diamide species for use as matrix metalloproteinases inhibitors, and 4,5-dihydro-pyridazin-3-ones for use as cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase inhibitors.

chemical structure

We have chosen to utilize Meyers' bicyclic lactams as the primary scaffold for our synthesis as they allow us access to γ-dicarbonyls with controlled chirality. Meyers' bicyclic lactams have received considerable attention owing to their suitability in generating a number of heterocyclic systems containing chiral sites by alkylation of the lactam ring.

chemical structure

Their use as precursors to γ-dicarbonyl systems, however, has been limited by the relatively harsh conditions needed to cleave or hydrolyze the lactam. One of our recent successful efforts has been the development of a mild cleavage of bicyclic lactam species. We are developing generalized methods to convert the bicyclic lactam to the hydroxamic acids and 4,5-dihydropyridazin-3-ones.


*Undergraduate Student Co-authors, **Graduate Student Co-authors

  • "The Asymmetric Synthesis of 6-Phenyl-4,4-disubstituted-1,4-dihydropyridazines" Buonora, P.T.; Zhang**, Q.; Sawko*, J. A.; Westrum, L.J. Tetrahedron: Asymmetry In Press.
  • "The Substitution-Elimination Mechanistic Disc", Buonora, Paul T.; Lim, Yu Jin. J. Chem. Educ. 2004, 81, 368.
  • Conversion of γ-Bicyclic Lactam to 4,5-Dihydro-2H-pyridazin-3-ones. Lim*, Y.J.; Angela*, M.; Buonora, P.T. Tetrahedron Letters 2003, 44, 7799-7801.
  • "Recent Developments in Imino Diels-Alder Reactions" Buonora, P.; Olsen, J-C.; Oh, T. Tetrahedron, 2001, 57, 6099-6138.


*Undergraduate Student Co-authors, **Graduate Student Co-authors

  • "Synthesis of 4,5-dihydropyridazin-3-ones from Meyers' Bicyclic" Lactams Flores*, Melissa; Buonora, Paul T., 229th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, March 2005
  • "Synthesis of Amino Alcohol Capped Carbosilane Dendrimers" De Selm**, Luke C.; Buonora, P. T., Western Regional ACS Meeting, October 2003
  • "Grignard addition to N-ethanolsuccinimide" Phan*, Teresa; Buonora, Paul T. 225th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, March 2003
  • "Study of dihydropyridazinones synthesis by parallel reactions of bicyclic lactams and hydrazine" Lim*, Yu Jin; Buonora, Paul T. 225th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society. March 2003
  • "Asymmetric synthesis of N-ethanol succinimide derivatives" Naffzinger*, Michael R.; Buonora, Paul T. 225th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society. March 2003
  • "A study of steric effects in the synthesis of hydroxamic acids from bicyclic lactams" Oo, Oscar H.; Buonora, Paul T. 225th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, March 2003"

Former Students

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CSU Long Beach

  • Angela, Mia (nee Mitoma) Science teaching, Wilson High School, Long Beach, Ca.
  • Roland Chhun 8th Grade Science Teacher, Fleming Middle School, LA Unified School District.
  • DeSelm, Luke Millennium Pharmaceutical in Cambridge Mass.
  • Melissa Flores Chemistry PhD Candidate, UC Santa Barbara
  • Arby Gutierrez Dental Candidate, University of the Pacific School of Dentistry
  • Elizabeth Heeb Chemist, Atmospheric Analysis and Consulting, Venture, Ca.
  • Teresa Helgeson Research Technician, Kerr Corporation
  • Howard, Trina Head Chemist - Organics Depart., CRG Marine Laboratories, Long Beach
  • Yu Jim Lim QC Associate III - B Braun Medical, Irvine Ca.
  • Mike Naffziger Chemistry Ph.D. Candidate, Oregon State University
  • Oscar Oo
  • Panoussi, Romina Dental Candidate, USC
  • Tran Pham Candidate, Masters in Bioscience, Keck Grad Institute
  • Teresa Phan MD Candidate, Univ. Cincinnatti

University of Scranton

  • Joseph J. Gunoskey Merck Inc.
  • Regina (Marinacci) Lutz Property Attorney, Morgan & Finnegan, New York
  • Ronald Pecukonis Merck Inc.
  • Jennifer (Sawko) Moyer Chemist, Aventis Pasteur, Swiftwater, Pa.
  • Daniel P. Walsh PhD NYU, City of New York, WMD Specialist
  • James H. Griffin Jr. Connecting Pastor, New Life Church, Nixa, Mo.

Lamar University

  • Pollie Kuehn Chemist, Sabine River Authority, Orange Texas
  • Darin Laird Senior Research Scientist, Plextronics, Inc., Pittsburgh
  • Keith Rosauer Merck Inc. Rahway, NJ
  • Qun Zhang Chemist, FMC Corp.