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BUILD-Funded Major Equipment

Stereolithography 3D printer

Full Name: Projet 6000 HD

Manufacturer: 3D Systems

Location: Biomedical Research Laboratory, Room ET 243

Contact person: Dr. Hamid Rahai

Description: The Projet 6000 has capabilities of Stereolithography 3D printing technologies using a smaller footprint.  System has various choices of materials to choose from; parts are accurate (+/- 45µm) and features are reproducible down to 0.050mm or 0.002 inches.

3-D Printer Exterior

3-D Printer interior

3-D Printed Object

Sony Cell Sorter

Full Name: Sony Cell Sorter SH800

Manufacturer: Sony

Location: The Fraser’s Lab, Room MLSC 222

Contact person: A formal training is required prior to using the equipment. Please contact Dr. Deborah Fraser.

Description:  The system allows for a wide range of cell sizes and applications using various µm microfluidics sorting chips.  This chip system allows for more precise analysis, while the software is intuitive and supports sorting into tubes and well plates.

Cell Sorter

Cell Sorter