Travel Guidelines

Guidelines for Requesting BUILD Conference Travel Support

As a BUILD Scholar or Fellow, you will receive up to $1,500 for conference travel support for each of the year(s) in the BUILD program. Plan out which conference(s) to attend with your BUILD Research Mentor. If funds are not used, they expire at the end of the fiscal year (June 30).

Travel Contacts/Submit Forms To:

BUILD Requirements

  • All Scholars and Fellows are required to present at one research conference per year.
  • All Scholars must attend a student conference (e.g., ABRCMS/NDiSTEM/NCUR) in Year One with BUILD. In Year One, a research presentation is encouraged but not required. Year One travel funds will initially go to cover fees for a student conference, remaining funds can be used for additional conferences planned by you and your mentor.
  • If you attended ABRCMS or NDiSTEM (SACNAS) in Year One, you cannot attend in Year Two without a research presentation.
  • Fellows are expected to present at a professional conference (preferred) or student conference by December to increase your chances of graduate admissions.
  • To be eligible for reimbursement, you must have submitted an abstract and will attend the entire conference.
  • All conferences must be approved by your BUILD Research Mentor and BUILD Training Director (TD) prior to your travel and bookings.

Your travel funds can be used for the following: registration, transportation (including Uber/Lyft), hotel (location is >25 miles), meals (if not provided at the conference), mileage, and parking. For reimbursements, you will need to provide original itemized receipts which include all of the following: date, location, your name, what was purchased, total paid, and proof of payment (a bank statement is not enough). You can review the University Travel Policy here.

Steps Prior to Travel

  1. MENTOR APPROVAL: Obtain your BUILD Research Mentor's approval to:
  2. BUILD APPROVAL: Forward your mentor's approval (and abstract notification if applicable) to Sarah. Your email should include the conference name and a link to the conference site. Once approved by BUILD, you will receive an email with the University “Request for Travel” Form, which must be completed prior to your departure.
  3. UNIVERSITY APPROVAL: Email completed Request for Travel form to Marie.
  4. There are two pages you are required to complete:
  • Page 1: “Request for Travel” complete as much information as you can including: Name, ID, Request Date, Address, Destination: City, State & Zip, Travel Dates, Purpose, and Amount. Make sure to sign and date at the bottom of page 1.
  • Page 2: “Estimation Worksheet” enter all expenses for this trip (required). Enter as much information as you can to get a trip estimate total.
  1. Marie will route for required approval signatures, and once approved you will be notified that you can begin your bookings.
  2. Optional: Sign up for direct deposit - the Foundation is asking all travelers to sign up for direct deposit. Complete the Direct Deposit Form and submit to Marie.

*To attend a professional conference in your discipline without a presentation (or submitting an abstract), please submit a brief 150-word statement justifying how you could benefit from the meeting (even without presenting) to Sarah. You should get input from your Research Mentor. In addition to the steps of this travel process, you must also complete a conference worksheet and submit it to Beach Board within 1 week of return. 

Once You Have Been Approved

Here are guidelines to help you plan for your conference:

Conference Fee (Two Options)

  1. You can pay for your conference fees and be reimbursed after you have completed your travel.
  2. You can see Marie to pay your fees using our P-card.  If you use this option, please have your registration form completed (using a BUILD Center computer) and ready for payment.

Airfare (Two Options)

  1. You can pay for your airfare and be reimbursed after you have completed your travel.
  2. You can make your reservations through our contracted travel agency, Global Travel, and your airfare will be pre-paid.  You will be given instructions if you let us know you decide to use this option.

*We are not able to reimburse you for travel insurance


You will have to book lodging on your own using your credit card. At check-in, hotels will ask for a credit card/cash as a hold for your room. Make sure you have sufficient funds to cover this. You can only get reimbursed upon return with a final folio listing your name, hotel name/location, costs per day, and total paid amount. If you don't receive this, simply call the hotel and ask that they email it to you.

Travel Advance Check

You have the option to request a “travel advance check” of up to 80% of your expected costs, but this must be requested at least three weeks prior to your travel date. The travel advance check will then be issued to you approximately one week prior to your travel. Once you return from your trip, you are required to provide itemized receipts to show how the advance was used within three weeks of your return date. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in you having to pay back the advance. Inform Marie ASAP if you are interested.


The maximum amount to be reimbursed is $55 per day and alcohol is not allowed. If the conference provides meals, you will not be reimbursed. You must submit itemized receipts taped to an 8½” x 11" paper in order by date, labeled as breakfast, lunch, or dinner with your total amount (including any tips) written in. The tape cannot cover any text on the receipts.

Poster Printing

You are encouraged to print on campus through the G2 Lab. By printing it through the G2 lab, no funds come out of your pocket, and it is directly paid by BUILD. When completing their online Poster Submission Form, include Marie Reed’s email as the FUNDER’S EMAIL: You will get an email from the G2 Lab once your poster is ready for pick up at HSCI-162. You do not need to include this cost in your Travel Request amount.

Alternative poster printing: you may get your poster printed elsewhere, but will be reimbursed. Submit your receipt to Marie Reed.

Upon Return

It is your responsibility to inform Marie that you are back from your trip to initiate your reimbursement. Marie will then complete the formal Travel Claim form, obtain approval signatures, and drop it off at the Foundation Office to be processed.

  1. Submit original itemized receipts to be processed.
  2. Receipts should be separated by item type (transportation, meals, etc.) and organized by date.
    • Meal receipts should be submitted in order by date with the total amount paid written in (including tip). Label each one as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you eat in a group, make sure to indicate which charge(s) are yours and calculate your total.
  3. Forward your abstract confirmation (if not already sent).
  4. Forward a copy of the conference agenda.
  5. Reimbursements must be completed within 30 days of your return date.

Funding is limited and is only guaranteed upon approval. Depending on workload, reimbursements can take up to 3-4 weeks. Sometimes the Foundation Office mails reimbursement checks. If you have had an address change, inform BUILD asap.

Additional Funding Resources

Search for additional funding resources to supplement your travel. Here are some suggestions:

  • Does the conference you are presenting at offer a travel grant, or reimbursement for volunteering?
  • Talk to your BUILD Research Mentor:
    • Do they have BUILD supply funds they can use to cover your registration?
    • Do they know of any college or department funds that can be used?
  • Apply for a travel grant through CSULB:
    • The Office of Student Life and Development (SLD) is pleased to offer the Student Academic Travel Grant. For more information and eligibility, visit the SLD website here.
    • Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) provides a wide variety of programs and services to enhance the educational experiences of students of LBSU. You may be eligible for an ASI grant. For more information and eligibility, visit the ASI Grants website here.


  • About travel funds or arrangements should be directed to a Travel Contact.
  • About BUILD requirements for conference participation should be directed to your Training Director.
  • Find the complete CSULB Travel Policy webpage here.

Thank you and good luck with your conferences!