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Application Elements


The following information is to assist you with organizing all of the required materials that you will need in order to submit a completed online application.

The BUILD, MARC U*STAR, and RISE programs use a single application that is submitted online. The application form requires you to type in information as well as upload your supporting documents; for more information on the supporting documents, read through the entire ‘Application Elements’ section. Listed below are the required application elements you will need to complete BEFORE you begin the online application. Please read all the information below carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

You can find application information for other research programs, such as LSAMP, by visiting their website. For additional CSULB Research Program web addresses, please visit the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) website by clicking here.


Notice of Informed Consent

You are applying to participate in a research training program (BUILD, MARC, or RISE) that is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). These programs are a part of a national study on undergraduate research training. The purpose of this study is to understand what works (or doesn’t work) for training undergraduate students so that we can develop best practices for undergraduate research training.  By completing this application, please know that you are enrolling in this national study and the information you provide on the application may be used for this study. You can read the Notice of Informed Consent by clicking on the link here. You will be asked to consent to this study in the application form (you will not need to upload this form). The Notice of Informed Consent describes the national study, how your information may be used, potential benefits and risks associated with participating in the study, and your rights as a research participant.

  • If you are 18 years old or older, you will submit your authorization within the online application (no additional form to submit).
  • If you are 17 years old or younger (as of March 6, 2020), you will need to upload your completed Parent Consent & Student Assent Forms.


Expected Graduation Date Form

The Expected Graduation Date Form must be completed with your major advisor if you are a current CSULB student. The form requires your major advisor’s signature. So plan ahead and schedule a meeting with your major advisor as soon as possible (no later than March 2020).  Do not complete this form if you are transferring into CSULB in Fall 2020.


College Transcript(s)

To submit a copy of your college transcript(s), you will have the option to upload a PDF version with the online application or you can hand deliver a hard copy to the BUILD Office. We are located on the 2nd floor of the Student Success Center, SSC-225. On the Campus Map, coordinates F7.

If you choose to upload an electronic copy, it must be a PDF document with all pages combined into one document. Your transcript must show all courses, units, and grades from all post-secondary institutions. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable provided they are up to date. 

CSULB students can access unofficial transcripts in their MyCSULB account or visit the Student Academic Records page. Former CSULB students, go here. You may need to disable the pop-up blocker on your browser to access your records.

We have created a guide for accessing your CSULB GPA, as well.


Degree Plan

To help us determine your appropriate entry point into the programs, you will be asked to upload a list of courses you will have left to complete after entering the program. This can be a PDF or Word document with a list of courses per semester that you plan on taking. Keep in mind, you must be a full-time student (have at least 12 units/semester) to be part of these programs.

CSULB students should accomplish this by uploading a copy of their current "Degree Planner," available from their MyCSULB account. For help with finding your degree planner please go here.

For BUILD, additional research curriculum courses are required. Please review the Research Curriculum web page for course listings. BUILD students are required to take one Research Curriculum course per year and many of these courses satisfy the GE/Capstone requirement. You can include these in your Degree Plan. 

*If you do not have a CSULB degree planner, please create and upload a list of courses you will need to take at CSULB to complete your major degree.


Financial Aid Award Letter

If you are eligible to receive financial aid, please upload a copy (e.g. a screenshot, Word document, or PDF is acceptable) of your most current financial aid award letter. This letter can be accessed from your MyCSULB account.

For a guide on how to access this, go to the MyCSULB Financial Aid Information page. Look under the section called "View Your Financial Aid & Scholarship Awards" for a step by step guide.


Personal Statement

Your personal statement should introduce yourself to the application committee. Keep it to 500-1000 words and 2-4 pages, double spaced. Download the Personal Statement template to help you get started, review writing tips, formatting, and submission instructions.


Research Interest Statement

Your Research Interest Statement should explain why you are interested in health-related research. Keep it to 500-1000 words and 2-4 pages, double spaced. Download the Research Interest Statement template for topics to write about, formatting and submission instructions.


Faculty Recommendations

You will be required to submit two recommendation forms. At least one form must be completed by a CSULB professor (if you are a current CSULB student). The other can come from someone that has overseen you in a supervisory role, with a professor being preferred. It is your responsibility to send the template form to your recommenders (a formal letter of recommendation is not required; however, your recommender can include one with the form).

Download the Faculty Recommendation Form to send to your recommenders, and to review the submission options.

Program Specifics

  • If you have selected RISE as a preferred program, please note that one of the recommendation forms must be from a mentor who has agreed to accept you into their research program.
  • If you are applying for the one-year BUILD Fellows program, please note that one of the recommendation forms must be from your current faculty research mentor who will also continue to train you while you are in BUILD.

Your recommender should have good knowledge of your academic and/or research potential. At least one faculty member should be from a STEM and/or health-related discipline (e.g., engineering and the behavioral, biological, clinical, health, physical and social sciences). Recommenders that are not CSULB Faculty will use the same form.

*If you are already in a research program or have a commitment to a specific research mentor, one of these letters should be from that faculty member.


If you have questions about your application, please feel free to contact us! Email