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Research Curriculum

The Research Curriculum was developed by the CSULB BUILD Initiative for the University. RSCH courses can be found under University Research. Students can view the current class schedule from For full catalog descriptions of these courses, visit the Research Curriculum course listing page.

Scholars are required to take at least two courses during the program (one per academic year). For Scholars who start the program in Fall 2019 or later, one of the two courses must be Scientific Research Communication. Fellows are required to take at least one course during the program. It is strongly recommended that Fellows take Scientific Research Communication. Taking more courses than the minimum requirement is encouraged.

Trainees may take approved substitute courses. See the list of approved courses (PDF). Before taking an alternative/substitute course, the trainee must get approval from their Learning Community Training Director.

  • Introduction to Research Methods (RSCH 296A Introduction to Biomedical Research Methods and RSCH 296B Introduction to Behavioral Research Methods)
    • Introduction to research design & hypothesis testing
    • Data measurement, analysis, and presentation
    • Review of scientific literature
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to Health Disparities (RSCH 207)
    • Satisfied GE Category D2 (Social Science and Citizenship) and Human Diversity GE requirements
    • Multidiscipline approach to health issues & disease
    • Develop an understanding of the cultural & personal relevance of research
    • Supports a culturally-relevant science identity
  • Scientific Research Communication (RSCH 361)
    • Satisfies GE Category F Writing Intensive Capstone requirement
    • Proficiency in oral & written communication related to dissemination of research
    • Intensive practice in writing, editing, & critiquing
    • Discipline-specific methodologies

It is strongly recommended that the student completes IRM or IRM-equivalent course before taking this class.

  • Advanced Research Methods (RSCH 496A Advanced Biomedical Research Methods and RSCH 496B Advanced Behavioral Research Methods)
    • Satisfied GE Category F Advanced Skills Capstone requirement
    • Research design & hypothesis testing
    • Identifying funding sources (e.g., NIH, Foundations, etc.)
    • Grant writing

Prerequisites of RSCH 361 and upper-division standing.