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Publications & Presentations

Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Flores, E. Vu, K. P. L., & Kim, S. (2021). Developing Academic Engagement Through a Virtual Week of Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activity: Re-thinking Collaboration. Human Computer Interactions International Conference Proceedings. 
  2. Vu, K. P. L., Chun, C.A., Goosby, K. C., Cho, Y. H., Dillon, J. & Marayong, P. (2021). Preparing Undergraduate Students for Summer Research Experiences and Graduate School Applications in a Pandemic Environment: Development and Implementation of Online Modules. Human Computer Interactions International Conference Proceedings.
  3. Young, K. A., Finney, M. A., Marayong, P., & Vu, K. P. L. (2021). Advancing Inclusive Mentoring Through an Online Mentor Training Program and Coordinated Discussion Group. Human Computer Interactions International Conference Proceedings.
  4. Abeywardana, S. U., Velasco, S., Hall, N., Dillon, J., & Chun, C. A. (2020). Near-Peer Mentoring in an Undergraduate Research Training Program at a Large Master’s Comprehensive Institution. Understanding Interventions, 11(1): The Use and Impact of NIH-fueled Resources for Mentoring—Reports from the Field), 12477. PDF iconDownload Publication (PDF)
  5. Young, K. A., & Stormes, K. N. (2020). The BUILD Mentor Community at CSULB: A Mentor Training Program Designed to Enhance Mentoring Skills in Experienced Mentors. Understanding Interventions, 11(1: The Use and Impact of NIH-fueled Resources for Mentoring—Reports from the Field), 12482. PDF iconDownload Publication (PDF)
  6. Urizar, G. G., Henriques, L., Chun, C. A., Buonora, P., Vu, K. P. L., Galvez, G., & Kingsford, L. (2017, December). Advancing Research Opportunities and Promoting Pathways in Graduate Education: A Systemic Approach to BUILD Training at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). BMC Proceedings 11(12), pp. 27-40. BioMed CentralPDF icon Download Publication (PDF)

Manuscripts in Preparation

  1. Stormes, K.N., Streicker, N.A., Bowers, G.K., Ayala, P., & Urizar, G.G. (under review). Impact of Undergraduate Research-Training Programs: An Illustrative Example of Finding a Comparison Group and Evaluating Academic and Graduate School Outcomes.
  2. Kingsford, L., Mendoza, R., Dillon, J., Chun, C.-A., & Vu, K. P. L. (under review). Broadening and Diversifying the Behavioral and Biomedical Research Workforce through an Undergraduate Research Training Program​.
  3. Carrada Zuniga, N. & Colbern, A. (in preparation). BUILD Alumni Snapshot: Tracking Alumni Outcomes.
  4. Taing, A., Nguyen-Rodriguez, S. T., Rayyes, N., Marayong, P., & Buonora, P. (in preparation). Student Perceptions of Undergraduate Research-Infused Courses.
  5. Chin-Goosby, K., Gonzalez, A., Yada, K., & Dillon, J. (in preparation). Reflections on CSULB BUILD Program Response to COVID-19 and Racial Injustice: A Descriptive Case Study
  6. Colbern, A. & Stormes, K. (in preparation). Mentor Self-Efficacy and Latent Classes/Profiles of Mentors Across CSULB.
  7. Stormes, K., Young, K., Vu, K. P. L., Colbern, A. (in preparation). Impact of Mentoring on Student Psychosocial Measures.

Conference Presentations

  1. Mendoza, R., Pan-Weisz, B., Galvez, G., Chun, C.-A., (2021). Writing Ourselves Into Existence: Implementing a Novel Writing Intervention to Understand and Foster Students’ Science- and Research-Identity Coherence in an Undergraduate Research Training Program. Paper accepted for presentation at the Centering DE&I in UR and Creative Activity Conference (virtual). 
  2. Chun, C.-A., Chin-Goosby, Carrada Zuniga, N., Dillon, J., Zavala, A., Streicker, N., Nguyen-Rodriguez, S. T., & Mendoza, R. (2021). Holding Ourselves Accountable to Racial Justice: The Evolution of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Work Within an Undergraduate Research Training Program. Paper accepted for presentation at the 2021 Centering DE&I in UR and Creative Activity Conference (virtual).
  3. Arruda, E., Yada, K., Rayyes, N., Gonzalez, A., Cho, Y-H., Chun, C.-A. (in preparation). Psychosocial Impacts of COVID-19 and Racial Injustice on Undergraduate Summer Research Experience Trainees. Paper in preparation for the 2021 Understanding Interventions Conference.
  4. Priede, A., Hanley, G., Chun, C.-A, & Vu, K. (TBD). Research Skills and the Growth Mindset: Implementing the Heroic Imagination Project to Build Student Capabilities. Poster accepted for presentation at the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Western Psychological Convention, San Francisco, CA.