BUILD Small Equipment and Computers Awards Program

The Small Equipment and Computers Awards Program, funded through BUILD, provides BUILD faculty mentors the opportunity to acquire computers and/or small equipment (between $2,500-$10,000) that are justified based on direct benefit to BUILD student training. Awards up to $10,000 will support the purchase of lab computers and/or small equipment (equipment costing between $2,500 and $10,000).

Award Features and Requirements

  • Awards will provide support for the purchase of equipment and/or computers.  
  • Awards cannot be combined as part of the purchase of large equipment.
  • Awards cannot be used to purchase materials, training, warranties, travel, and software not required to use the equipment.
  • BUILD student participation and training need to be clearly integrated into the research plan to use the equipment.

Restrictions and Limit on Number of Submissions

  • This award is limited to faculty who are part of the BUILD mentor pool.  
  • Proposals that benefit multiple BUILD students may be given preference. 
  • An individual may be listed (PI or Co-Investigator) on only one proposal. 
  • Priority will be given to those PIs that have not received funding in the past.  
  • Budgets must follow the same rules/spending limitations as federal grants.  
  • Funds must be spent by May 30.
  • Individuals with three previous awards (CRSG or RSG grant or equipment awards) are no longer eligible to apply.

Proposal Review

The applications will be evaluated by the BUILD Internal Project Review Sub-Committee that includes broad representation across health-related research disciplines.

Submission Method

Download the application provided below and submit the completed application to Please submit Biographical Sketches for all key personnel, a Confidential Personal Data Form, and any other supporting documentation.