Training Activities and Components


The following activities are an integral part of your BUILD training experience. These are required, as outlined below and on the Program Participation Policy page.

Summer Research

In the summer before their first year in the program, Scholars and Fellows work with their BUILD Faculty Mentors full time (up to 34 hours/week), in addition to attending an 8-week Summer Learning Community (Summer Undergraduate Research Gateway to Excellence) from June to July.

In the subsequent summer, Scholars are expected to apply to participate in a summer research internship at a research-intensive university that offers doctoral degrees (i.e., R1 university) or a research institution for research experience with another research mentor. Scholars apply for these internship opportunities in the fall/winter of the first year of the program.

Faculty-Mentored Research

During the semester, Scholars and Fellows continue to work on research with their BUILD Faculty Mentor. Trainees are expected to spend on average 15 research hours per week during the semester.

BUILD Learning Community Seminar

Scholars and Fellows are required to enroll in a 1-unit Learning Community Seminar (UNIV 395 for Year 1 Scholars and UNIV 495 for Year 2 Scholars and Fellows) in each semester (no exceptions). If mandatory course conflicts arise, arrangements can be made for students to make up the work in GM office hours.

BUILD Research Curriculum

Scholars and Fellows are required to take one research-infused course during the program. It is strongly recommended that Fellows take Scientific Research Communication. Taking more courses than the minimum requirement is encouraged.

Trainees may take approved substitute courses. See the list of PDF iconApproved Courses (PDF). Before taking an alternative/substitute course, the trainee must get approval from their Learning Community Training Director. If you have already taken one course before entering the BUILD program, you have satisfied this requirement.

Responsible Conduct of Research

Scholars and Fellows are required to complete online and face-to-face training in Responsible Conduct of Research before they graduate or complete the BUILD program, (whichever comes first).

BUILD Research Colloquium Attendance

Scholars and Fellows are required to attend two BUILD Research Colloquium talks in each semester.

GRE Preparation

Scholars and Fellows are offered optional GRE workshops and preparation support that is paid for by the program.

Professional Conference Travel

  • Scholars are expected to attend the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) or Society for Advancing Chicanos/Hispanics & Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) during the first year and present their research at a professional conference in their disciplines in the second year. Travel support is available from BUILD yearly.
  • Fellows are expected to attend either ABRCMS, SACNAS or professional conference designated by their Research Mentor during the year to present their research. Travel support is available from BUILD.