BUILD Grants Awarded

The following grants were awarded during Phase 1 of CSULB BUILD. Lists are alphabetical by project.

Research Stimulation Grant

The Research Stimulation Grant (RSG) Program, funded through BUILD, provided support to stimulate research project development and preliminary data generation with the objective to enhance competitiveness and external research funding.

  • Dr. Hengzhao Yang, A closed-loop power controller for supercapacitor-based deep brain stimulation
  • Dr. Shadnaz Asgari, A Novel Approach to the Analysis of Postural Stability in Multiple Sclerosis Patients
  • Dr. Houng-Wei Tsai, Androgenic Regulation of Sexually Dimorphic RBM48 Expression in the Mouse Brain
  • Dr. Niloofar Bavarian, Assessing the Ilicit Use of Prescription Stimulants on Campus: A Pilot Study
  • Dr. Yada Treesukosol, Behavioral and neural processes underlying sucralose acceptance
  • Dr. Deborah Fraser, C1q Modulation of Oxysterosis in Macrophages
  • Dr. Erika Holland, Defining the Neurotoxic Potential of Environmental Polychlorinated Biphenyls Mixt
  • Dr. Douglas Pace, Defining the Role of Calcium-Binding Proteins in the Human Parasite Toxoplasma Gondii
  • Dr. Katarzyna Slowinska, Delivery of DNAic as Strategy for Elimination of Antibiotic Resistant Pathogens
  • Dr. David Stout, Development of Nanomaterial Inspired Biomaterial Cardiovascular Patch
  • Dr. Bryan Rourke, Effects of Aging on Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle in Mice Bred for Exercise Activity
  • Dr. Kevin Sinchak, Estradiol and Progesterone Regulation of Progesterone Receptor-Src Kinase Signaling
  • Dr. Jason Schwans, Evaluating the Catalytic Contribution of General Base Catalysis in Ribonuclease S
  • Dr. EunJung Chae, Examining cavitation and shock in simulated fluid-filled tissue to reduce injury
  • Dr. Araceli Gonzalez, Experimental Therapeutics to Modify Cognitive and Psychological Markers of Anxiety
  • Dr. Isabella Lanza, Health-Risk Behaviors in Undergrads: Rise of Etobacco Use and Obesity Co-Occurrence
  • Dr. Emel Demircan, Human-Centered Robotics for Physical Assistance
  • Dr. Brian Livingston, Identification of Essential Skeletal Proteins
  • Dr. Robert Schug, Mental Health, Brain Injury, At-Risk Social Behaviors, and Homelessness: Neuropsychological and Psychophysiological Perspectives
  • Dr. Daniel Whilser, Minimizing shock/trauma in simulated muscle tissue using negative effective mass
  • Dr. Deepali Bhandari, Molecular Basis for Cancer Cell Survival During Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress
  • Dr. Arturo Zavala, Role of serotonin-1b (5-HT1B) receptors in nicotine reward during adolescence
  • Dr. Perla Ayala, Scalable Biomimetic Skeletal Muscle Construct
  • Dr. Bo Fu, Semantic-Oriented Health Data Analytics for Personalized and Participative Care  
  • Dr. Fangyuan Tian, Studies of Surface Supported Iron-Containing Thin Films for Drug Delivery  
  • Dr. Vas Narayanaswami, Transendothelial Transport Mediated Modulations to the HDL Lipoproteome
  • Dr. Guido Urizar, Use of Cortisol Sensor Technology to Detect Abnormal Stress Levels Among at-Risk

Collaborative Research Stimulation Grant

The Collaborative Research Stimulation Grant (CRSG) Program, funded through BUILD, provided support to develop research collaborations between CSULB faculty and well-established, successful researchers (e.g., with NIH R01 or similar-level funding) at a research intensive university (e.g., UCI, USC, UCLA).

  • Dr. Selena  Nguyen-Rodriguez, Adiposity in Latino Youth: Role of Psychological and Behavioral Correlates of Short Sleep
  • Dr. Michelle Alencar, Implementation of Medical Weight Management by Telemedicine  
  • Dr. Renaud Berlemont, Mouse Gut Microbiome
  • Dr. Panadda Marayong, Proprioception Enhancement Device for Rehabiliation and Motor Learning for Persions with Lower-Limb amputation
  • Dr. Joshua Cotter, Understanding the Elusive Soleus: Using Proteomics for Insight into Muscle Growth

Midsize Equipment Award

The Mid-Size Equipment Program, funded through BUILD, provided the opportunity for BUILD faculty mentors to acquire equipment valued at less than $25,000 (with a $10,000 minimum) that was justified on the basis of direct benefit to BUILD student training.

  • Dr. Pitiporn Asvapathanagul, Illumina® iSeq 100 DNA Sequencer
  • Dr. Judy Brusslan, Advanced Cell and Molecular Biology Instrumentation
  • Dr. Kurt Escobar, Cell Culture Model Establishment for Translational Health and Aging Research
  • Dr. Joseph Kalman, Optical Components to Study Combustion Generated Inhalation Hazards
  • Dr. Kellie Amanda Walters, Assessing Physiological Responses to Physical Activity Using an Oxycon Mobile
  • Dr. Jason Schwans, Bio-Rad BioLogic DuoFlow Medium-Pressure Protein Chromatography System
  • Dr. Evan Schick, Chemi-Doc Touch Imaging System
  • Dr. David Stout, Dynamic IonOptix C-Pace EP System
  • Dr. Praveen Shankar, Finger tracker with tactile feedback for immersive virtual environment interaction
  • Dr. Eun Jung Chae, Fluid Wave Sensing Equipment for Biomedical Applications
  • Dr. Daniel Whilser, Laboratory Service Tool Set - Complete US Set
  • Dr. Evan Schick, Leica Fluorescent Imaging for Exercise Physiology and Health Related Research
  • Dr. Deborah Fraser, Live-Cell Imaging Microfluidic System
  • Dr. Sergio Mendez, Microbalance Purchase Request for the Chemical Engineering Department
  • Dr. Guido Urizar, Microplate washer/reader/shaker, multichannel pipetters, vortex mixer, centrifuge
  • Dr. Joshua Cotter, Noraxon Electromyography System
  • Dr. Houng-Wei Tsai, PhenoTyper, a novel system for automated behavioral phenotyping
  • Dr. Ted Yu, Potentiostat with software, EIS, rotating ring disk electrode, and rotator.
  • Dr. Sara Moghtadernejad, Proposal to purchase particle sizing analyzer device
  • Dr. Gabriella Hancock, Psychophysiological assessment of workload and stress
  • Dr. Karissa G. Miller, Psychophysiology Lab Development
  • Dr. Perla Ayala, QPCR System for Biomedical Engineering Applications
  • Dr. Fangyuan Tian, Quartz Crystal Microbalance
  • Dr. Roger Chih-Cheng Lo, Rapid Fabrication of Microfluidic Devices for Biomedical Applications
  • Dr. Hsiang-Ling (Sharon) Teng, Real-time, portable, non-invasive monitoring of muscle activity during locomotion
  • Dr. Yada Treesukosol, Segregation of behavioral components and neural signaling
  • Dr. Erika B. Holland, Shared qPCR machine for Biological Sciences
  • Dr. Arturo Zavala, Small animal surgical anesthetic/surgery equipment
  • Dr. Leilani Ann Madrigal, Using Virtual Reality and Implicit Bias Software to Create Antibias Trainings

Small Equipment and Computers Award

The Small Equipment and Computers Program, funded through BUILD, provided the opportunity for BUILD faculty mentors to acquire computers and/or small equipment (between $2,500-$10,000) that were justified on the basis of direct benefit to BUILD student training.

  • Dr. Courtney Aherns, Computer Purchase for Dr. Ahrens’ Lab
  • Dr. Melissa Bittner, Effect of Visual Heart Rate Intensity Application for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Dr. Lijuan Li, Application for an ISA computer for EPR operation and a Potentialstat
  • Dr. Lijuan Li,  Analytical Balance
  • Dr. Enrico Tapavicza, 2x POWERWULF MMx CLUSTER Computer Nodes each equipped with 16 Total Intel®
  • Dr. Nancy Hall, 3 Windows desktop workstations (Dell Optiplex All In One (7440).
  • Dr. Chrstiane Beyer, Additive fabrication and experimental testing of innovative custom-fit and assistive rehabilitation devices
  • Dr. Michelle Barrack, Asus Laptop, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, ESHA software, NCES Food Models
  • Dr. Michelle Alencar, Cardiovascular Disease Assessment and Testing Package
  • Dr. Kim Vu, Customizing Text and its Impact on User Performance and Experiences
  • Dr. Joshua Cotter, Dell Lab Computers for Image Processing, Data Analysis and Video Editing
  • Dr. Courtney Ahrens, Dell OptiPlex 9030 AIO Desktop Computers (2)
  • Dr. Nancy Hall, Electroglottograph (EGG) for voice analysis
  • Dr. Eric Joseph Sorin, Elucidating Molecular Level Protein-Drug Interactions via Cluster Computing
  • Dr. I-Hung Khoo, Equipment for fabrication of flexible and wearable electronic circuits
  • Dr. Elizabeth Eldon, Equipment for Fluorescence and Differential Interference Contrast Photomicroscopy
  • Dr. Paul Weers, Freeze dryer for recombinant protein expression and purification
  • Dr. Enrico Tapavicza, In-silico investigation of airborne organic pollutants related to lung diseases
  • Dr. Emel Demircan, Motion tracking supplies and computers for real time motion retraining and rehabilitation
  • Dr. Surajit Roy, Non-invasive in vivo measurement of muscle forces using ultrasound probing techniques
  • Dr. Selena Nguyen-Rodriguez, Objective Assessment of Adiposity in Minority Youth
  • Dr. Deborah Fraser, Olympus 100x objective, super-aprochromat & iMac
  • Dr. Jackie Dawson, Sarcopenia and heart rate variability as early predictors of metabolic disease
  • Dr. Daniel Whilser, Server & Crowdsourcing for Predicting the Impact Response in the Human Body
  • Dr. Houng-Wei Tsai, Upgrade of an Inverted Fluorescent Microscope with Improved Imaging Technology