BUILD Research Across the Curriculum: Course Redesign Program

The Research Across the Curriculum: Course Redesign Program, funded through BUILD, provides an opportunity for faculty to submit a proposal for integrating research into an existing course.  Specifically, the program's goal is to have faculty engage in a redesign of the course to exemplify how specific disciplines engage in research by having students participate in hands-on activities and demonstrations in the classroom.  Faculty are encouraged to redesign the course to facilitate the incorporation of these activities. Faculty teaching a course with a laboratory component can also submit proposals to redesign existing course activities to introduce novel scientific approaches.

Program Requirements

  • Specific activities must be proposed that exemplify research in health-related disciplines (lab or field demonstrations of research methodologies, hands-on activities, etc.).
  • Proposals must include a plan to evaluate the implemented activities (i.e., post-activity evaluation).
  • Proposals must include a change to the Standard Course Outline (SCO) after program completion.
  • A letter from the Department Chair must be provided. It should indicate support for the proposed changes and an assurance that the department will offer the course in the future.
  • The course must be offered by departments supported by BUILD in one of the following colleges: CHHS, CLA, CNSM, and COE.     
  • Agree to participate in BUILD evaluations, provide BUILD with updates, and provide BUILD with a full report one month after the semester is completed.

Program Benefits

  • Three units of release time

Restrictions and Limit on Number of Submissions

  • Preference may be given to proposals that benefit multiple BUILD students.  
  • An individual may be listed (PI or Co-Investigator) on only one proposal. 
  • Please note that the department/faculty is responsible for all costs incurred for running the course.  BUILD will not provide any additional support (financially or otherwise) to run the course.

Proposal Review

The applications will be evaluated by the BUILD Internal Review Sub-Committee that includes broad representation across health-related research disciplines.

Submission Method

Download the application provided below and submit the completed application to Please submit a Confidential Personal Data Form and any other supporting documentation.