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Call or Text* 911 for Police, Fire, or Medical Emergencies.

The University Police non-emergency/business line is 562.985.4101. Dial extension 5-4101 from any campus telephone.

*Text-to-911 is also available on campus and throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Enter "911" in the "To" field to send a text message directly to Police Dispatch. In situations where you feel you cannot safely make a phone call, text your location and the details of your emergency.


Text to 911

Our campus has 200+ Emergency Telephones located throughout campus that provide a direct link to University Police Dispatch. You may also utilize the red button on all public campus phones, which are visibly marked "Police Access".

To Report a Crime:

  • In an emergency dial 9-1-1
  • In person, at the University Police Station
  • From any "Blue Light" or Emergency Telephone on campus
  • Non-emergency, by calling 562.985.4101

Be ready to relay the "Who, What, When, Where" of the incident.

  • What happened
  • Who was involved
  • Any injuries
  • Description of suspect(s)
  • If any weapons were involved
  • Last known direction of travel
  • Where the victim is

Limited Voluntary Confidential Reporting:

The University Police Department encourages anyone who is the victim or witness of any crime to promptly report the incident to the police. Because police reports are public records under state law, the University Police Department cannot hold reports of crime in confidence. Confidential reports for purposes of inclusion in the annual disclosure of crime statistics can generally be made to other CSULB campus security authorities, as identified above.

Psychological counselors when acting within the scope of his/her licence or certificate are not considered to be a campus security authority and are not required to report crimes for inclusion into the annual disclosure of crime statistics. They are encouraged; if and when they deem it appropriate, to inform persons being counseled of the procedures to report crimes on a voluntary basis for inclusion into the annual crime statistics.

Ride Along Requests:

To request a ride along in a patrol unit, please contact the UPD non-emergency line at 562.985.4101 and ask to speak to the Watch Commander.