Electric Scooters

Electric (or Motorized) Scooter Policy

CSULB is a designated dismount zone for electric and motorized scooters. In accordance with campus and state regulations, electric and motorized scooters may be used to travel to campus, but the scooters must be left at the established drop-off zones located on the campus perimeter prior to entering the campus.

CSULB prioritizes the safety of the campus community and therefore prohibits the use of these types of scooters on campus.

Electronic and motorized scooters left unattended on campus will be considered abandoned and subject to impound. Persons violating campus policy may be cited under California Vehicle Code (CVC) 21235, 21225, and other applicable CVC regulations and as a violation of student conduct.

CSULB would like to highlight the importance of road safety while coming to campus and provide an overview of state laws regarding electric and motorized scooters. CVC 407.5 defines a “motorized scooter” as any two-wheeled device that has handlebars, has a floorboard that is designed to be stood upon when riding, and is powered by an electric motor. This device may also have a driver seat that does not interfere with the ability of the rider to stand and ride and may also be designed to be powered by human propulsion.

CVC 21235 mandates that individuals operating electric or motorized scooters in California:

  • Must ride with a properly fitted bicycle helmet.
  • Must ride on the road and remain off the sidewalks or improved pedestrian surfaces.
  • May not park scooters on a sidewalk in a position that blocks pedestrian paths.
  • Must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians at all times.
  • May not operate a motorized scooter with any passengers in addition to the operator.
  • May not operate a motorized scooter carrying any package, bundle, or article that prevents the operator from keeping at least one hand upon the handlebars.
  • Must comply with all CVC laws and local regulations including being subject to the same provisions applicable to any other driver of a vehicle. These provisions include, but are not limited to, driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs.

Please ride carefully and with all due consideration for the safety and rights of others on your way to and from campus. Be very aware of your surroundings as you may not be seen or heard by other vehicles. Drive cautiously and defensively.

Abandoned scooters will be collected on a daily basis. If you believe your personal scooter was collected, please call Lost and Found at 562.985.1579 to coordinate a pick-up.

Map of Off-Campus Scooter Drop Zones

For additional questions, please call 562.985.4146