Emergency Operations Center

Concept of Operation

The CSULB Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is the primary location of centralized emergency management for the campus during a major emergency or disaster. It provides a centralized location of authority and infomation as well as allows for face-to-face coordination among personnel managing the campus emergency response effort.

When activated the campus EOC will:

  • Manage and coordinate emergency operations on campus.
  • Receive, document, and disseminate information on campus response operations and incident status during an emergency.
  • Develop and disseminate emergency policies, procedures, and proclamations.
  • Develop and disseminate the Incident Action Plan.
  • Coordinate emergency response with the City of Long Beach, the County of Los Angeles, and other local responding agencies.
  • Establish and disseminate overall goals and objectives for the campus emergency response effort.
  • Provide a point of control for operational and logistical support of campus resources and mutual aid used in disaster response.
  • Analyze and evaluate effectiveness of operations and goals.

EOC Activation:

The first few hours of an emergency situation are often the most critical. Effective emergency response requires immediate action with appropriate resources. In emergency operations it is always easier and preferable to scale back operations than to try to catch up. In an emergency the inability to rapidly respond can result in loss of life and property.

When to Activate:

An EOC activation is considered under the following emergency conditions:

  • Significant event(s) that occur causing damage to campus property or the immediate surrounding area.
  • An emergency situation has occured, or may occur, that is likely to require a large commitment of campus resources and/or manpower for an extended period of time.
  • In response to a locally declared state of emergency.
  • The City of Long Beach or the County of Los Angeles EOCs are activated and request an activation to support their operations.
  • Requests for major mutual aid are expected.

Activation of the CSULB EOC will not normally be considered for those events that can be managed at the field level with existing operational limits, plans, and resources.

Authority to Activate:

The following personnel have the authority to order an activation of the CSULB EOC:

  • University President
  • Vice President of Administration and Finance
  • Chief of University Police Department
  • Associate Vice President of Physical Planning and Facilities Management
  • Assistant Vice President of Public Affairs

The University Police Department will be responsible for coordinating the alerting of emergency responders. In the event that a disaster disables the campus phone system all designated EOC staff are to report directly to the EOC.