Emergency Operations Plan

Campus EOP

The CSULB Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) details how the University will manage and coordinate resources and personnel responding to emergency situations. The plan is designed to address forseeable disasters and emergencies that may threaten our campus community. The plan is not intended to address the well-established and routine procedures used to manage day-to-day emergency situations. Rather, it is intended for use in response to large scale, multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency emergencies or disasters.

The plan is updated annually and is written to conform with all California State and Federal Laws governing emergency response operations.

The CSULB Emergency Operations Plan:

  • Promotes the utilization of the Incident Command System
  • Conforms to the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS)
  • Conforms to the National Incident Management System (NIMS)

Goals of Emergency Management:

The goals of our campus in any emergency response operation are:

  • To protect lives
  • To treat the injured
  • To protect the property and the environment
  • To return to the business of education in an expedient manner