Building Marshal Program

Program Overview:

The CSULB Building Marshal Program is a critical component of the University Emergency Preparedness, Operations, and Recovery Plan. Building Marshals are campus employees who work in regularly occupied campus buildings and volunteer to perform essential activities for the purpose of minimizing injury to campus faculty, staff, and students in the event of an emergency. The immediate actions of Building Marshals can reduce the number and severity of injuries, instill calm and order in the midst of crises, and lessen the burden on first responders.

Building Marshals are primarily responsible for three key actions during an emergency:

  1. Assist in building evacuations and convene occupants at the designated Evacuation Rally Point for that area
  2. Secure all building entrances and restrict re-entry until it is deemed safe by response personnel
  3. Report any pertinent information to first responders once they arrive

Building Marshals are identifiable by an orange safety vest and yellow hard hat visibly marked with campus and program logos.


All Building Marshals receive an initial half-day training that covers the following:

  • Overview of campus emergency management structure and policies
  • Evacuation procedures and guidelines
  • Disaster psychology
  • Active shooter response
  • Earthquake preparedness and response
  • Fire prevention and response
  • Personal preparedness
  • Assisting individuals with access or functional needs during an emergency