Ride-Along Program

The CSULB University Police Department offers interested individuals (students, faculty, staff, and non-university affiliated community members) the opportunity to ride alongside a police officer on patrol. This program is intended to be a learning experience where participants can ask officers questions and observe law enforcement firsthand.

To request a ride-along, please complete the Ride-Along Request form.

Ride-Along Request Form


Ride-Along FAQS

To sign-up for a ride-along, simply complete the ride-along request form. You will receive a response via email from UPD within 1-2 business days to confirm your ride.  

UPD is a 24/7 operation and can accommodate any date or time frame, including nights and weekends. When requesting the ride-along, please submit at least 3 different date and time options of your availability. 

Ride-along tours usually last up to four (4) hours; however, either the officer or the rider may terminate the tour at any time.  

Yes. No person shall be allowed to ride without having submitted a signed ride-along request waiver form. 

Yes. Background checks will be conducted on all ride-along participants. Please bring a valid ID for your ride-along.  

All ride-alongs must agree not to discuss names of persons involved in police cases or incidents. Additionally, participants will not converse with any prisoners, suspects, victims or witnesses nor shall they participate in any police activity unless directly requested by officers.  

The use of a cell phone for personal calls or texts are not permitted unless instructed by the officer.  

No. Tape recorders and cameras will not be permitted while participating unless expressed permission is granted by the Watch Commander.  

When the patrol unit is assigned to a dangerous call, the rider may be dropped off at a safe location and must remain there until the officer or another police unit returns to pick them up.  

Participants shall wear comfortable clothing (jeans are okay) with closed toe shoes. Tank tops, shorts, skirts, dresses or sandals are not allowed. 

No. Participants shall not post any information related to the ride-along to any social media sites before or during the ride-along.