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Campus Drills

Annual Shelter-in-Place Drill (Fall):

Each fall, CSULB conducts a campus-wide shelter-in-place drill. This drill is discussion-based, with no evacuations or barricading taking place.

A shelter-in-place order, as its name suggests, requires everyone to remain where they are inside of a building. The order is given when officials have determined that conditions are present that may cause harm to those wither outside or in open areas and that seeking safe shelter is recmmended. The nature of the threat and your proximity to the event may change your best course of action.

A shelter-in-place order may be issued in instances of:

  • Severe weather
  • Hazardous material release (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear)
  • Threat of or acts of violence (civil unrest, active shooter(s))


You will be notified of a shelter-in-place order via our BeachALERT Emergency Notification System. The nature of the incident will be stated along with the shelter-in-place order. It is vital that your contact information is always up to date in your MyCSULB account to ensure that you receive these messages.

Annual Evacuation Drill (Spring):

Date and Time:
Wednesday, February 21, 2018
10:30 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.

Each spring, CSULB conducts a campus-wide evacuation drill.

The purpose of this drill is:

  1. To ensure a timely and safe evacuation of all campus buildings
  2. To test our BeachALERT Emergency Notification System and campus PA speaker system
  3. To test all audible alarms and strobe lights on campus

Once buildings are evacuated, occupants are to go to the designed Evacuation Rally Point (PDF) for that building or area. These locations we carefully selected with assistance from the Long Beach Fire Department. The location of a rally point does not dictate which exit occupants should take when evacuating. In an emergency situation, occupants should take the nearest exit that is clear and safe, then head to the rally point once they are outside.

Building or Department Drills:

Any department/office or building on campus can request a small-scale drill for their employees. These can take several weeks to coordinate depending on the complexity of the scenario and the skills being tested. Please direct any inquiries to