"RUN. HIDE. FIGHT." Surviving an Active Shooter Event

Dear Campus Community,

With armed intruder events that have taken place across our nation, as well as the ongoing dialogue regarding such events in the public sphere, I would like to take this opportunity to share with all members of our campus community a vital and informative video that can help each and every one of us to be better prepared for such an event, should it ever occur on our campus.

While the University Police Department has taken every available measure to ensure that we are prepared and equipped to respond in the event of an active shooter, your awareness of what actions to take may be instrumental in your own survival and the survival of those around you. Please be aware that due to the topic being addressed, the video below features simulated acts of violence which may be disturbing and not suitable for all viewers. However I truly believe that the instructional nature of this video is important enough to encourage everyone to take the time to view this 8-minute video in the hopes that it will help you to prepare for and respond to an incident like this should it ever occur. We recommend students and employees view this video each semester to keep the content fresh in your mind.

As always, we have the safety of each and every one of our students, faculty, and staff as our highest priority. We are prepared, we are confident and we are determined to keep our community safe and free from harm and we remain ever vigilant in our commitment to protect and serve our community here at CSULB.


John Brockie,

Chief of Police, CSULB University Police