The Coleridge Collection Part II: Musical Settings of Coleridge

An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism and Scholarship
Volumes I-III
Walter B. Crawford
With the research and editorial assistance of
Ann M. Crawford


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[S II.7-1 1963] HELYER, Jack. Petite Suite de Concert. Selection from STC's famous suite. Adaptation and arrangement by Jack Helyer. LCCO (COHM): RE-550-058, copyright renewed 1 N 1991, original date 22 F 1963; original copyright registration EFO-921131. Renewed by Daniel F M Parvin and Roger M Parvin. Not seen; "STC's famous suite" not identified.

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[S II.7-1 1988] SMIRNOV, Dmitri. The Visions of C. For voice and ensemble. Words by STC. Score [no pp given]. LCCO (COHM): PA-583-782, pub 14 F 88 by G Schirmer, ©9 S 1992.

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[S II.7-1 1991] LLOYD, Richard. Dormi , Jesu. SATB. Text: English paraphrase by STC, Music: Richard Lloyd. Rattlesden, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk: Kevin Mayhew, Ltd; and Charlotte, NC: Brodt Music Co (1991). 4 pp.

  • C's The Virgin's Cradle-hymn. English words printed below the Latin words, without variants. Sopranos sing lines 1-3, satb sing 1-3; sopranos sing 4-6, satb sing 4-6; sopranos conclude with 1-3. With pf accompaniment.
  • Gift to CCC from Stephen H Ford.

[S II.7-1 1991] MANOURY, Philippe. Xanadu : pour soprano et clarinette (Si-flat). Texte original de STC. LCCO (COHM): PA-625-082, pub 15 My 1991, c28 My 1993 Amphion Éditions Musicales, Paris. 15 pp.

  • C's KK.

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[S II.7-1 1992] BAKER, Charles. Five Works for Equal-Voice Chorus. Poem by STC. LCCO (COHM): PAu-1-647-313, unpublished, c23 Jy 1992. "Music (except piano part for 1 selection)." C poem not identified.

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[S II.7-1 1993] BANKS-ROBINS, Walter. The AM: A Modern Opera-Musical in Two Acts. Score by Walter Banks-Robins, libretto by Helen [Grace] Banks-Robins. 367 pp. LCCO (COHM): PAu-1-724-413, unpublished, c15 Mr 1993. "Based on the poem 'The RAM,' by STC."

[S II.7-1 1993] PHILLIPS, Simon. Original music for Visions in a Dream: Pictures from the Life of C, a play by Mike Levy, qv in II.8 for annotation.

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[S II.7-1 1994] HILL, Richard. The RAM. A Music Theatre and Record Project. Words by STC. Concept & Music by Richard Hill (1994), qv in II.8 for annotation.

[S II.7-1 1994] HOLLOWAY, Robin. Frost at Midnight. For orchestra. Performed on BBC3 Radio, ca Ja 1994. 20 mins.

  • Evocative, sensitive composition by distinguished contemporary British composer. (Derrick Woolf)

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[S II.7-1 1995] NOTEBOOM, Richard D. KK: A Cantata for Soprano and Tenor Soli and Mixed Choir. Poem by STC, 1772-1834. LCCO (COHM): PA-740-395, pub 1 Jy 1995, c26 Jy 1995, Richard D Noteboom, Greeley, CO. 29 pp.

[S II.7-1 1995] YOUNG, Robert H. Songs of the Nativity. SATTB, a cappela. Latin text translated by STC. Tarzana, CA: Gentry Pubns (1995). 7 pp.

  • C's The Virgin's Cradle Hymn. Source: LCCO (COHM), PA-701-520.