The Coleridge Collection Part II: Other Coleridge Related Music

An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism and Scholarship
Volumes I-III
Walter B. Crawford
With the research and editorial assistance of
Ann M. Crawford


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[S II.7-2 1990] WHITTLE, Alan. "Frost at Midnight." First song (duration 3:02 mins), side 1, of audio cassette titled Frost at Midnight. Issued by the poet-composer (1990), "copyright control MCPS Ltd."

  • Song is "a rendition of some of the themes of C's famous poem, using a few of his words." Whittle's introduction on inlay card says, "If you listen to these songs you will know about me; about my sense of humour; about my childhood; about my wife; how she got ill and how we cope and how we sometimes enjoy life."
  • Gift to CCC from M. L. Gardner.

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[S II.7-2 1993] ROEMER, Whitelaw C. A Musical Ode to The RAM, by STC. 2 pp. LCCO (COHM): PAu-1-757-299, unpublished, c16 F 1993.